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  1. For some reason, after updating my CnCNet RA2/YR client to the latest version (3.63), any custom maps (.yrm or other supported formats) I add to the Maps folder are not automatically converted like they used to. Is there maybe an error somewhere in that component? I have to manually rename the maps from .yrm to .map, and that is rather tedious. Would like some clarification on this issue. Also, what's the purpose of the CnCMaps.exe file? I'm curious; does it have something to do with the map conversion process? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm just wondering, is it actually possible to prevent CnCNet from auto-updating every time it is launched? And can I actually play offline games using the client? (since it adds some tiny extra features that the normal RA2 skirmish lobby doesn't have) Just wanna know. Thanks, and great to see the community thriving!
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Is there any chance I can manually 'update' your client, Rampastring?
  4. OK, got it. Looks like port 6667 may actually be blocked. I reached the lobby after updating RA, but initially there was no response from the server (us.irc.cncnet.org:6667). After a while I'm connected to CnCNet, though I think it's through an alternative port as you mentioned. I'm gonna fire up YR again and see if it works now, though I think I know the answer to that. UPDATE: Yup, no change, as I expected. So I can't play YR on CnCNet then? :'(
  5. Thanks, but I do know the CnCNet installers are bandwidth friendly But I need the base game to play, right? That I don't have atm and am not actually planning to get for now I hope that's OK. Or...when you say "red alert 1 download" do you mean the whole game minus the big A/V .mix files? Or am I misinterpreting here?
  6. That's another good way to troubleshoot the issue - if he cannot connect to the default port with Funky's client either, but can connect fine to the alternate ones, that would be another indication of destination port 6667 being blocked on his route to the CnCNet IRC servers. I'm really sorry, but I'm kinda lost with the terms you used. I'm not running Linux, nor do I have a live CD, so I don't know if I can do that How can I prevent the blocking of the port if I can't get the ISP to do so? Also I don't have nor play the earlier games, just this one. I know I can download the older games since they are now freeware, but I don't have the bandwidth to actually do so Many thanks anyway for your suggestions
  7. UPDATE: Changed the subject and added some other questions Hello all! Newbie here, nice to be in this awesome community XD I have an issue here. For some reason when I try to connect to CnCNet via Twisted Insurrection's launcher, I keep getting a connection error, as you can see in the pic I've attached here. This problem occurs for both TI and YR. I don't know if there's some firewall rule blocking cncnetclient.dat or if there may be some other problem that I'm not aware of. I'm also connected to the Internet, but I don't know what might be the problem with the connection. Can anyone advise? Also, since we're on the subject of CnCNet, how do I play Yuri's Revenge through CnCNet (v5)? I have the retail version of the game installed on my PC and it can run MO awesomely (and MO can be played via CnCNet). How do I get CnCNet to work with my copy of YR? Many thanks
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