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  1. Another nice Video of this mission here on youtube from Black Eagle.
  2. My way of completing it was similar. Glad you enjoyed it, impressed by your tenacity with these missions.
  3. Flyingz started as I finished lol. I came back to it last year during lockdown. Took some well meant criticism and learnt more in a month from McPwny than I had in all the time writing the early ones. So all the recent maps have Ai teams and little code tweaks to enhance the game.
  4. Yeah Day of the Desolators is up as well. I really need to sort a page out for that.
  5. Another old mission that's been long absent from the net. Siege a mission written back in 2005 for the TX Terrain Expansion. Full instructions and credits in the read-me file in the zip. Ive had to mess around in this a little, as the original version was missing a voxel turret that's no longer available. So Ive had to substitute the Yuri Gattling tank for that unit. Kirov's now hunt targets, few minor changes to Demo Drone units and Tesla Commandos. Author: Concolor1 Editor: FinalAlert2 Created:14th JAN, 2005 To play this mission:The TX Terrain Expansion Pack is required! The Yuris Revenge mission disc is also required. Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory or desktop. Name: Siege TX Size: 90x98 Players: 1 Theatre: NewUrbanTX Files in the zip: expandmd98.mix, ecachemd98.mix, ra2md.csf, read-me To play this mission:The TX Terrain Expansion is required! https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-2/downloads/terrain-expansion-self-extracting-installer Unfortunately my upload allowance won't permit me to include the expandmix06 file I was using as the original TX appeared to have no separate theatres and just held everything in one expandmix, so fingers crossed this works for you. The Yuris Revenge mission disc is also required. Extract the contents of the zip file into your Red Alert2 Directory. ecachemd98.mix,expandmd98.mix and the ra2md.csf. Select new campaign for the Allies. The game will then launch. Various slight modifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. Once you have done playing simply remove the files listed above to restore your game. "Siege---Written for the TX Expansion Pack" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro:Due to poor command and communication in the field a situation has arose that only a Commander of the highest calibre will be able to salvage. It seems the Soviets and her allies have been engaged in erratic and covert operations, which has caused the unique situation of one of our outposts being annexed without our foreseeing it. The Soviets have surrounded this facility and laid siege, cutting-off all land routes and surrounding the zone with a heavy air defence! The information gathered by this outpost is of "key", interest to the Allied high command and it has therefore fallen to you commander to hold the command centre in this base. Having already shipped out and air-dropped into the battlezone you must waste no time in organising your defences before the Soviet bombardments and following attacks ensue. Commander defending this vitally important outpost will by no means be an easy task. Should the base remain standing and all traces of the Soviet blight in the zone are eradicated, your promotion in the ranks will be guaranteed! To Activate the help text for this mission play "Easy" mode and destroy the flag next to the Allied Barracks. Hints: The base airforce commands are not American, so in order to get those air reinforcements you should build one. Rumour has it there's Bugs in the area, your going to have to be pretty unlucky to find them, and then only in Hard Mode. The Demo Drones are a Secret Unit. There's plenty of Bonus crates in Easy Mode. Fingers crossed Ive got this right. SiegeTX.zip
  6. Another Youtube Video here of Fierce Intent, from Black Eagle, in Hard Mode.
  7. Another youtube post from YosefAnan, going live tonight, there's going to be a Celestial Intervention.
  8. Saw that this morning when I posted the link to the Wolves mission. Looking forward to it.
  9. YosefAnan kindly uploaded the video of this mission in play on youtube.
  10. All I’m saying is the csf holds only RA2 texts and the csfmd which has texts for both games. However for anyone with just the RA2 game. It will only read the csf. and anyone with YR well that reads the csfmd. so in order for both games to read texts you would need both files. Then you would edit it with a string editor.
  11. That’s interesting, so it’s a lag issue and nothing to do with a bad trigger.
  12. Ok I misread what you wrote, you need a csf for your own maps on the server? A general one, good idea. I think the csfmd holds all the RA2 game texts as well as the YR. but it won’t work the other way around. So you may need two files.
  13. To save trawling through pages and sites, it seems a good idea to put all the mission links in one place. CONCOLOR1's - MISSION MAPS 1 Signed & Sealed (Redux) - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 2 Temporal Exposure - (Allied Mission Vanilla RA2) 3 Soviet Stranglehold - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 4 Prisoner of Conscience - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 5 The Wolves of Winter - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 6 Fierce Intent - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 7 Shock Tactics - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 8 Dominance in Mind (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 9 Weathering the Storm - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 10 In Cold Storage - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 11 Identity Crisis - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 12 Terminal Lunacy - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 13 Under Pressure - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 14 Robot Revolution (Redux) - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 15 Nuclear Winter - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 16 The Last Post - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 17 Day of the Desolators - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) - I'll sort this out - in the meantime it can be found here. http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php?page=maps/ra2sp 18 Engineered to Kill - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 19 Jungle Fortress - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 20 Company of Wolves - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 21 End of an Era Part1 & Part 2 - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) - Yet again I'll get around to uploading these, in the meantime they can be found on Discord and YR Argentina. http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php?page=maps/yrsp2 https://discord.com/channels/800660076792250379/800672286259544075 22 Moon Madness - (Allied Mission TX, (Terrain Expansion) YR) 23 Siege - (Allied Mission TX, (Terrain Expansion), YR) 24 Wipeout! - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 25 Foothold - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 26 Viral Agent - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 27 Finnishing Moves - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 28 Driven up the Wall - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 29 Wolves at the Door - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 30 Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 31 Fire & Ice - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 32 Celestial Intervention - (Allied Mission TX, (Terrain Expansion) YR) 33 Will there be any more?.................. watch this space!
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