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  1. So its not too disimilar to FA2 then. Most likely the FA2 is a natural progression and won't be too far out from the original RA editor your using. Well done to you anyway!
  2. In FA2 the first thing it asks is do you want to make a multi or single player map. It's probably as simple as changing the map extension or name to swap it from one to the other. Ive no experience of RA1 aside from playing it originally when it came out. Id try and get hold of a single player mission and look at the difference in name and file extension. To play a single player mission in RA2 the file is named after the very first mission depending on the side ie all01t.map for the allies or Sov01t.map for a soviet mission, multiplayer maps have a differen't file extension.
  3. When you say the RA Editor, do you mean the FA2 Yuri's Revenge Editor? It's my fault, Im seeing your post at the side and assuming its Red Alert 2. Secondly yes that sounds like a multiplayer map. You cannot have other House teams except JP and Civilian on a multiplayer map as the other House teams can be picked by a player. This is why Single Player Missions work, as the players House and Ai House/Houses are specified and isn't down to being picked randomly. I Don't see you mentioning Taskforce, that has to have two mammoth Tanks in it. RA2 doesn't thave those tanks, unless you Mod it.
  4. Is this a single player map or a multi-play map. If its the later one Im pretty sure it can only be done with JP and Civilian Houses. If its the former, ensure that both tanks are not the players house. I'll give you the example of Russia. Now assuming your not on beginners mode in FA Select Edit, and run down the list until you find taskforce. Select that. Hit the Add button, Name your Taskforce , say TaskForce1. Next pick the tank type you have on that list, and enter how many. Your example two. Hereby duplicating what you have pre-placed on the map. Ok you can close that, Select Edit again, this time go to Scripts. Now Im assuming you have placed a Waypoint on the map, maybe more than one? Doesn't matter, do it now if you haven't. Were going to use #3 as a subsitute for any waypoint number. Ok back to the scripst, select Add. Give your Script a name, example as above Taskforce1. Now were it says Actions hit Add, Number 0 appears, use the dropdown menu and select 'Move to Waypoint' Parameter of action needs to be entered, thats #3 (The waypoint example). Hit Add again, this time another line appears, this is '1', again from the drop down menu scroll down the list and find Success. Ok so now you should have two script Actions, 0 - Move to Waypoint, parameter 3 and 1 - Success. Now Close this. Ok back to Edit again, this time Select Teams. On this box hit 'New'. Now give your team a name say Taskforce1. Drop down below that and you will see a Field for House. Ensure this matches the house of your two tanks on the map. Say Russia. Looking to the right you will see three other fields, Waypoint, Script and Taskforce. Waypoint wants to be empty. so delete any number in this. Script has a dropdown as does Taskforce, but if this is the only one you have made it should now read Taskforce1 in both fields. Below this you will see smaller check boxes. The Following can be checked for this. Prebuild, (although its debatable if this does anything, im told by wiser heads that it doesn't, but I just do it out of habit. and Aggressive and Recruiter. Ensure Autocreate is not ticked. Now close this. ok you now have a system set up above that will make two tanks on your map move to waypoint 3. once instructed to do so. So here's the last bit. Back to Edit. Trigger Editor, and New Trigger. Give it the name Under Trigger Options tab of Taskforce1. Ensure the House is Russia. Disabled is unchecked and Easy/Med/Hard are all checked. Now the Events tab, New Event 0 use 13 Elapsed time .....Parameter say 100 (that's time just over a minute I think). Ok now Action, add, new Action 4 Create Team .... the parameter is the team Taskforce1. Ok your done. Play your map, now after 100 seconds or so, (I think it might be 50 as 2 time units = 1 second I think), your pre-placed tanks on the map will move to waypoint 3. and thats what you asked for.
  5. Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 Yuri's Revenge, you will need the Yuri's Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the sov01umd.map file and the ra2md.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip. Full list of credits and hints along with more information in the read me file, special thanks to McPwny on this again for invaluable assistance. Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored. So finally after two months of writing and testing, here is a brand new mission. - Happy Easter!!! This is not your standard RA2 mission, its a little different - Next one is back to base building, so don't worry. Author: Concolor1 Editor: FinalAlert2 Yuri's Revenge Created: 18th Feb 2021 Name: Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek Size: 80 x 80 Players: 1 Theatre: New Urban To play this mission:Yuri's Revenge mission disc is required.(Unless you have the full game installed on your system.) Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets. The game will then launch. For best playing Experience, turn down the music volume, and try not to save the game. There are audio clues, at some point so listen hard! Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek --------------- Location The Island of Bermeja, Yucatan Mexico Info:Ever wonder what Tanya gets up to on her days away from the battlefield? Or why the Allies seem to be able to finance campaign after campaign with a seemingly bottomless war-chest? Well by happy coincidence both these questions have an answer, which your going to find out today. Here's one of the reasons, on her days off, Tanya likes nothing better than donning her aqua blue top and diving straight in to the action yet again. You see Tanya likes exploring lost tombs, recovering hidden cash which she charitably gives to her allies, (who allow her to keep a cut naturally, and of course give her their support). Today, your going with her! Guide Tanya through the tricks and traps on her latest adventure, on the mysterious island of Bermeja, --- No seriously go look it up! Try and find it - Good luck! Objective 1:Collect 100,000 from Cash Crates. Objective 2:Discover the way out and escape the Tomb. Objective 3:Keep Tanya Alive. Game Modes: ---------- Easy: You get a guided tour, Arrows point the way, giving you a rough idea of where you should head for. (Your going to have to do some searching though). Medium: No Arrow assistance. Hard: No Help, More Patrols, Harder Traps. Best Experience, Play Hard, No saving, No Music. Hints and Tips: Really? You want to know how to get through this? Well the whole idea is based on you having fun by finding the cash crates, surviving the traps and solving the puzzles. Some of the traps are timed, some are triggered by stepping off the correct route. Some are simply random. Many of the puzzles are straight forward. If there is something stopping you, it can be removed. Hunt for clues, locate and destroy the 'Targets'. Use your eyes, sometimes the most obvious route isn't the safest. Known Bugs: The old save the game removes crates bug. Well Ive narrowed down the risk on this. Many of the crates only appear when triggered, so they aren't sitting on the map all of the time. One repeats, just in case, and there are of course more than 20, so you may get halfway through the mission and discover you've collected 20. Thats fine, you just have to get Tanya back to the start position. Secondly as a back-up you can go through the map a second time, more crates will appear, some ways will now be inaccessible, however you can navigate the map back to the finish position no trouble. Ok the big bad bug here is 'saving' and 'loading', the game. As with the crates, it messes with certain 'on-map', features. This particular bug-bear, is the lighting effect required to pass beyond a certain trap. This does not stop the game from working, but you do need to hit the correct celltags, and the lights were a guide for this. It will be a hit and miss affair without, but it is possible. I'll insert a clue to give guidance for such an eventuality, (There's now an audio clue added, just in case the lights don't trigger due to a game save). Ok so there u have it, A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit with the maps theme! Explanation: The all01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder preceeds the standard Yuri's Revenge Soviet game disc missions. This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games original first mission simply remove the all01umd.map file from your RA2 folder. The RA2md.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have finished playing this mission remove the RA2mdcsf.file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder. Various slight modifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. The modifications will not alter your original RA2 game. Firstly a big thankyou to McPwny (as above), who has now taught me all about using Ai attacks. This has been a huge eye-opener and will add to your enjoyment of these maps. He's given advice on warheads, ect. I looked up Bugsey827 Burner Rules and moddified them to add a neat flame trap. McPwny and I identified a new bug regarding the Warhead at Waypoint. When triggered by a celltag, the unit triggering the warhead is unharmed. (We discovered that firing the warhead twice at the same waypoint does the damage, useful for a minefield). I also pinched his unique idea of making steam rise from water by using particle animations. Finally a big thankyou to the following people who have given so much help in this field with their ideas and solutions......many have now moved on, but they're not forgotten. I do need to scale this down at some point. Lion,(for originally hosting and supporting my work, a big thankyou for creating my own little section on his much loved and popular site "RADEN" ----- Greatly missed website, think its archived somewhere. DeeZire,(for those unsupported script actions in this mission and help with the finer modifications.ArgCmdr,(who also writes mission maps,and took the time to explain how DeeZires script-actions,should be written. Wildefire for all the help shes given me in the past. The Map Guild,(thanks to everyone in the forums for suggestions and help, this site has now closed unfortunatly). Cannis,Responsible for so much, in this mission note the ground shaking effects, well its his genius which gave birth to that idea, its also his "true", random triggers which enable the lightning strikes,on various maps I made making them truely unpredictable. I also want to mention the great webpage he made for my missions over at http://www.cannis.net/. Dark Desolator,(for invaluable help in the forums and for explaining to my why neon green shows up as black text---doh!), I still value that information even now..lol. Roadxkill,(probably long gone by now). RVMECH for his work in the RA2 community inspiring me with his own missions also for his latest work in creating downloadable script actions which I used to incorporate my name and credits into the mapfile itself, thanks for that its a great bonus. ,for his support in getting my work posted to. [email protected] & Miridor, can't leave them out. ArgComdr, for driving me on when I sometimes lose interest. Captdoom6,(for supplying the answers to the questions that I never asked). Appokares,Silverfox,Subzero46,Wardead,Almyghty,Hinheir,CBWhiz,Benianka,Aircraftkiller2001, and anyone else that I may of overlooked,thanks guys,a big thankyou also to the play testers whos time was spent going over the mission,thanks for your time and patience guys. Dark Sorpion, playtested this for me and informed me of a number of details which led to an improvement of the game, he also found the bugs..lol. Many of the above have now gone, it being almost 20yrs, but some names you may well recognise, either way their contributions live on in every mission, thanks guys. Finally thanks to Matze,for the FA2 utility,and the RA2 CSF Editor. Also thanks to Olaf Van der Spek for the XCC utilities which I used to extract the md.csf file. available at http://xccu.sourceforge.net/ Other Concolor1 Missions 1> Signed & Sealed. (Allied RA2) 2> Temporal Exposure. (Allied RA2) 3> Soviet Stranglehold. (Allied RA2) 4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri YR) 5> The Wolves of Winter. (Soviet RA2) 6> Fierce Intent. (Allied RA2) 7> Shock Tactics. (Soviet RA2) 8> Dominance in Mind. (Yuri YR) 9> Weathering the Storm. (Soviet RA2) 10> In Cold Storage. (Allied RA2) 11> Identity Crisis. (Yuri YR) 12> Terminal Lunacy. (Soviet YR) 13> Under Pressure. (Allied RA2) 14> Robot Revolution. (Allied YR) 15> Nuclear Winter. (Soviet YR) 16> Last Post. (Soviet RA2) 17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2) 18> Engineered to Kill. (Allied YR) 19> Jungle Fortress. (Allied YR) 20> Company of Wolves. (Soviet RA2) 21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2 (Yuri YR) 22> Moon Madness (TX Expansion) 23> Siege (TX Expansion) (Allied YR) 24> Wipe Out! (Allied RA2) 25> Foothold (Soviet RA2) 26> Viral Agent (Yuri YR) 27> Finnishing Moves (Allied RA2) 28> Driven up the Wall (Soviet YR) 29> Wolves at the Door (Soviet RA2) 30> Tanya's Tomb Raiding Trek (Allied YR) 31> Fire and Ice (Allied YR) *Included files: [Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek all01umd.map] (the map) [Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek.jpeg] (preview image) [Readme file].txt (this file) [RA2md..csf],(text game file) Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek.zip
  6. Update, well this is weird, when I fixed the map I could scroll across all of it, however on saving it and loading it, all my cliffs vanished. So I deleted the map to start again. Dropped the Lunar into the RA2 Folder, the other three into the FAYR folder as before. This time no message to say the map was corrupted would I like to fix it, (Remember saying yes ruins the maps settings). No this time everything displayed as it should, so Ive messed around and when it loads it shows everything expected, really strange, but working. - Closed.
  7. Hi, Ive a problem, Im looking at some old stuff. So I have FA2YR1.2 and I have the TX2. The TX 2 gives me the files marble.mix FAdata and FALanguague. Ive placed these into my Final AlertYR folder, overwriting the originals, (Don't worry I saved them first). However its still not reading, and the picture below is what im getting, what am I missing? Now if I place the lunarmd from the TX into the RA2 folder, it then reads the new Terrain, however although the dropdown list is there, the Terrain is still absent. Is this because the map was written with the TX 1, and the updated version has moved the list order?
  8. Right ought to close this, its all sorted now and works, thanks to @Ezer_2000 and @McPwny I'll post a proper update in due course. TX.2 required, goto the YR Folder that comes in the TX2, copy the Lunarmd and expandmd06.mix into your RA2 folder. Before you launch the mission itself, the Mod Launcher works for me. Ensure the following two files, (If you have them), are copied or removed. All01umd.map and ra2md.csf otherwise the Mod will not play the mission, and any existing ra2md.csf file will be overwritten and deleted on exiting the game. Once you have done bashing your head against the wall in this mission, remove the Lunarmd and expandmd06.mix from your RA2 folder and your vanilla game will be restored. (Hope thats easy to follow).
  9. I always got the impression it wrote the files into your RA2 folder, then deleted them when it was closed. The terrain would be in the TX, it’s a pretty small mission, just patrols and buildings, and tunnels. The lunar theatre was pretty limited, but yes there should be voxels , shps, a csf and a mapfile .
  10. Ive recently been looking at old work, and ive two pieces that don't appear to work any longer. Both were made for the TX first version, (Terrain Expansion). Ive tried using XCC but, the following happens. XCCMixer = No files found, XCC TMP Editor = Unexpected File format. XCC Mod Creator = Missing Shortcut XCC Mod Launcher = Missing Shortcut XCC Mix Editor = No files found match search. Now the file itself is in an exe, which explains why the XCC can't get to it. So how do I crack it open now its compiled? Ive not installed the TX, but did want to get at the files and map itself. moon_madnessTX.zip
  11. Nice Big Rendering of it. Thanks @Ezer_2000.
  12. I tried the Rendering, but it gets all the way down to GUI initiated, ect then I get an error message, so Ive been unable to render anything to date. Ive been using the 2.4 version. As the previous version gave me this....
  13. Happy to try and help. Need anything else just ask.
  14. Yeah it would have to be something good, in order to keep me interested. New units that do interesting things. So something that’s for public release certainly.
  15. Somebody asked me last week, but I’ve heard nothing since. Aren’t you working on a Mod? Its the time to commit to these things that worries me. If it takes me almost two months to write a mission, it would take over a year to make a campaign, by which time those involved might of gone their separate ways. Yeah this mission is a tough one, took me the best part of a day to recall how I did it originally. That’s what made me add a walk-through for it.
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