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  1. Well you may of noticed a lack of maps these past few months, but ive not been idol. This year will see the release of at least 12 brand new missions, starting today with this one. I have another 11 to follow all complete. Im hoping to somehow connect these missions, as each one follows in order, giving the community my campaign, which I've entitled Yuri Resurgence, still the same YR ident, the campaign maps the unfolding events after Yuri's defeat by the Soviets when his brain is last seen in a jar. The player will take on the role of Yuri's side, and battle through the 12 missions to bring Yuri back and take control once again. Twelve new missions, starting easy and progressing in complexity. Ive tried to keep this vanilla, and as such have yet to change any load screens, although the csf has been modified, so texts are there, as is the in-game text mission brief, save points ect. If anyone has a clue how to link the vanilla missions for the Yuri House, please let me know, as at the moment i've been unable to figure it out due to the Allied/Soviet sides something to do with the sidec03md.mix. Author: Concolor1 Editor: FinalAlert2 Yuri's Revenge Created:18th August, 2021 First Mission in a twelve part campaign. Name: Initiation Test Size: 80 x 80 Players: 1 Theatre: Snow To play these missions:Yuri's Revenge mission disc is required.(Unless you have the full game installed on your system.) Extract the contents of the zip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets. The game will then launch. All missions have difficulty levels. Easy mode the objectives are fairly simple to complete, Hard modes have increased patrols,attacks,defences ect. Initiation Test - Mission One, Yuri Resurgence. Location: Siberia - Unknown Info: Following the Soviet victory and defeat of Yuri,(Red Alert2 Soviet End scene), his surviving forces were dismantled and dispersed. His followers left leaderless, Compelled to follow a path of isolation and ridicule. Rumours soon circulated that the great leader Yuri had somehow cheated death, his brain survived and had been spirited away by his most devout followers. We have decided to follow up on these rumours in the hope that in recovering Yuri's brain it can then be reunited with a cloned body. As ever, there are great obstacles ahead in order to achieve this goal, the first being a lack of resources and followers of the faith. We know that few Yuri MCV's survived, their location a Soviet state secret. However this information can be accessed from a remote Siberian communications center. It is your mission to infiltrate this communications center with an Engineer, steal the information pertaining to the location of one of these surviving MCV's and then escape via the sea. Your force of committed initiates is small, but this increases your chance of success. You must complete your mission for Yuri! Objective 1:Destroy or Disable the three Radar Towers in the base. Objective 2:Capture the Communications Center with an Engineer. Objective 3:Escape with the Engineer holding the stolen information. Hints and Tips: The more you destroy, the more patrols will come looking for you. Destroy or disable the three Radar Towers first before entering the Communications Center. Hunt beneath destroyed structures for hidden crates. Bugs: One bug has come to light through playtesting, ive not had this myself, so its a lottery. However at the end of the mission, the Engineer sometimes fails to load into the Amphibious Transport. Its suggested if this occurs that the player enters Waypoint mode, and give the engineer some waypoints to follow in the shore area, with any luck the script should pick him up and load him. - Credit to Eggrollz for this. --------------------------------------------------- Ok so there u have it, A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains texts which been altered in order to fit with all of the the maps in this campaign! Credits: McPwny who managed to advise and playtest a few of these despite being busy himself. Providing useful input, and a few hacks that are not widely used or known about. All which enhance the game. Can't thank you enough! When I first mentioned the concept of 12 missions for Yuri, it must of seemed easily dismissable, so I kept it pretty much to myself. Its taken four months of non stop fiddling,testing,scripting,testing,re-building and did I mention testing? However the community now has 12 brand new missions for the Yuri House to play. I hope those that try the missions get a great deal of fun out of them, were very lucky Westwood made a game that still endures 20years on. EggRollz, who playtested a these for me, found some exploits and gave me some great ideas. Go check his youtube channel out C&C Gameplays. https://web.archive.org/web/20130329124341/http://www.cncgames.com/maps_ra2missions.shtml Missions available..1> Signed & Sealed. (Allied RA2) 2> Temporal Exposure. (Allied RA2) 3> Soviet Stranglehold. (Allied RA2) 4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri YR) 5> The Wolves of Winter. (Soviet RA2) 6> Fierce Intent. (Allied RA2) 7> Shock Tactics. (Soviet RA2) 8> Dominance in Mind. (Yuri YR) 9> Weathering the Storm. (Soviet RA2) 10> In Cold Storage. (Allied RA2) 11> Identity Crisis. (Yuri YR) 12> Terminal Lunacy. (Soviet YR) 13> Under Pressure. (Allied RA2) 14> Robot Revolution. (Allied YR) 15> Nuclear Winter. (Soviet YR) 16> Last Post. (Soviet RA2) 17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2) 18> Engineered to Kill. (Allied YR) 19> Jungle Fortress. (Allied YR) 20> Company of Wolves. (Soviet RA2) 21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2.(Yuri YR) 22> Moon Madness.(TX Expansion) 23> Siege.(TX Expansion) (Allied YR) 24> Wipe Out! (Allied RA2) 25> Foothold. (Soviet RA2) 26> Viral Agent. (Yuri YR) 27> Finnishing Moves. (Allied RA2) 28> Driven up the Wall. (Soviet YR) 29> Wolves at the Door. (Soviet RA2) 30> Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek.(Allied YR) 31> Fire and Ice. (Allied YR) 32> Celestial Intervention.(Allied YR TX) 33> Yuri Resurgence Campaign. (Yuri YR) Downloads available at www.cncgames.com/ ====================== ====================== *Included files: [Initiation Test sov01umd.map] (the map) [Initiation Test.jpeg] (preview image) [Readme file].txt (this file) [RA2umd.csf],(text game file) Initiation Test.zip
  2. For anyone stuck on this C&C Gameplays has uploaded a video on YouTube as to how to complete this unique mission.
  3. Nice YouTube Video of this mission here, courtesy of C&C Gameplays.
  4. A Video of this Mission from C&C Gameplays on YouTube
  5. YouTube Video of how to crack this mission from C&C Gameplays
  6. YouTube Video of this mission in play from C&C Gameplays.
  7. Video of how to crack this mission on YouTube from C&C Gameplays.
  8. C&C Gameplays has uploaded this mission in play on YouTube.
  9. And C&C Gameplay has uploaded the mission here on YouTube.
  10. A great YouTube video of how to crack this mission from C&C Gameplays.
  11. Another YouTube video of Company of Wolves from C&C Gameplays
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