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  1. There’s another new ‘Wolves’, map coming out , you will be pleased to know. This was weathering the storm you played? Wrote that 20 years ago, try a newer one.
  2. Rocketeers Buildlimit=0 🤣 Next two are already made, one is Soviet v Soviet and the following one has no Rocketeers or Harriers anyway.
  3. Thanks, there will be new missions this year, (working on them ), along with a couple more old ones uploaded.
  4. First Way (Theres others). , If this is a single player map, you would Create a Taskforce consisting of the same units as the ones on the map, and a script telling them to move to your waypoint, and finally the team and check prebuild, but you would leave its start waypoint blank. Next you would write a Trigger and use 4 Create Team, and link this to the above team you created. What happens, is when the trigger is sprung, providing you used the same units and house, the Ai recruits that team already on the map, and sends it to your waypoint. This is just the crude basics of it. If the units were not built by the ai and preplaced on the map Id opt for a second house, different to the Ai, and ally the two Houses together and have it the same colour, this way it creates the illusion of the same Ai house, but makes it easier for your Trigger to find them. If they were built by the Ai, it gets slightly more complex. Id still have the second house, but script the ones on the map produced by the Ai to change house to the second one, before your trigger fires to create the team that moves to the waypoint.
  5. Isn't there a fix for this with Bibbers launcher? https://bibber.eu/downloads/cnc-ultimate-collection-launchers/
  6. Nope not a waste of time , enjoyed the dialogue and you got to the bottom of the mystery. Ciao.
  7. Hmm I’m sure when you first mentioned this problem I had a similar issue on one of my missions. Yet again it was the BF. I was so sure that units inside should gain veteran status the more they destroyed stuff. So was quite miffed when this didn’t appear to be happening. Mind you it was some time since I’d played the game and the memory cheats. Is this your problem? Your saying they did become Elites when inside a BF and now they don’t?
  8. Have you looked at the map with word pad to see if there have been any changes?
  9. Was it a case of saving and reloading. In a mission this causes all kinds of errors. Be it crates vanishing off the map or light changes failing to power on off triggers failing to fire.
  10. You’d need the .csf file to accompany your map. That holds the game texts, that can then be edited and shipped with your map. If I were wanting a long text I’d be setting it up in sentences a few seconds apart. Once you’ve used a string editor to modify the text or add to it. The csf file is left in the RA2 folder. Then the next time you launch the final alert editor your new strings/texts will display in the drop down side window when using a trigger action 11 Text Trigger, you then simply select it and it ties your text to that map. Remember though that csf file now has to accompany the map file whenever it’s downloaded. In effect unless your placing both files in an expand.mix. .csf files work well if it’s a SP map, possibly not so well with MP as it would need to be downloaded or uploaded and I’m unsure if MP map servers support them. Privately between two players it would work. If the .csf was downloaded from another source if it couldn’t be supported on a game server.
  11. Much appreciated, fact is I paint as well. Best of luck with your MP map. And MP maps can still be well crafted and enjoyed by many. There’s plenty of Triggers that can be used in them. They just have to be Civilian House.
  12. In a SP map, you have to try and look for every single option. You have to firstly make sure it can be beaten, that there’s a way to win. Then it gets complicated, you have to loose , tie up loose ends, try multiple ways of winning and go over and over it Day after day until your sick of it. Then you ask someone else to give it a go. Quite simply because they always find something that’s been overlooked, be it a tile error, a trigger that fails or can think of a better way to achieve something. SP missions can be complicated, but I made them so others could have an alternative to MP and to add content to the mission side of the game.
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