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  1. how about you man up and not shed tears over people insulting you or acting cocky on the internet.
  2. was about to lock in but u offline i reckonize that name GanXster from yr back in the day. what clan were u in?
  3. OH SHIT that worked. feels amazing playing at full speed, was starting to think ra2 isnt as fast paced as i rememberd it.
  4. for a good player, playing against a noob is literally pointless. its a harsh truth I know but thats the way it is. its like saying professional ball players should play with amateurs, catch my drift?
  5. ignore this guy ^ hes too dumb to distinguish between what is slow and what is fast.
  6. i just played vs someone with windows 7 and good pc and the game still lagged to the point where it was unplayable. now i have windows 8.1 but i have used the videobackbuffer=no fix and it doesnt lag for me anymore, so why is EVERY SINGLE GAME lagging on cncnet?
  7. So you're saying competitve RTS's are a bad thing? That there should be no ladders in any RTS? you're a complete idiot. just because you can't play the game properly doesn't mean other players can't, players who wan't to compete with each other and a clan and quickmatch ladder is how that works.. you're acting like your opinion = fact. while you may not care, there is a community of people who DO care. you have your casual games supported, we want our competitive games. you are clearly an extremely ignorant individual.
  8. How is having a competitive Ra2 scene not important? its vitally important to alot of people.
  9. i see, that makes perfect sense. i also have windows 8.1 and the game lagged for me until i remedied the situation.
  10. the game lags way to much on cncnet, i dunno if its other peoples pcs or what but its unplayable.
  11. Thanks for responding. Good to know its on the way
  12. why are everyone's games always locked? it seems to be set to default to be that way. i dont think people realise.
  13. im an old school ra2/yr player, played since the game first came out on the westwood online servers and then on xwis. was in [email protected] and -auf- primarily.
  14. Games like red alert 2 are competitive and need a clan and 1v1 ladder, why has this been left out?
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