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  1. Will do Chimas. I'm still finding my feet with mission creation but i'd certainly like to 'perfect' this when I am capable, MattAttack is offering advice wherever possible.
  2. Thank you I will take a look.
  3. Hello, Does anyone here know where I might find sound effects that are used in C&C: Tiberian Dawn? I'm talking specifically things like beeping sounds that you can hear when you first select a campaign to play in single player (I.e when the team logo appears then fades). Another example might be the ticking sound that is made on GDI mission 5 briefing when you see text being typed out in front of you? Any near sounding equivalents will also be helpful if you know of them. Thanks.
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, I realise I might have bitten off more than I can chew with the river separating one team kind of thing but I think it can be made fully functional without employing complex tactics. I agree on the lack of requirement for a production trigger - if I was to add one then i'd need to reconsider unit placements around the map but I think that would take away from the gameplay style aspect of the map as I intended to top half to be very tip-toe like. I do like this patrol idea you mentioned and will have a go at it tonight, further revision of NOD unit placement might be necessary. I'll give it some thought on whether I want NOD to lose their marbles at all on the top half of the map as I didn't like the idea of all the units scarpering from the base leaving an empty shell. They seem to come out gradually by themselves when their structures are attacked anyway. I understand your concerns for having NOD producing units and I don't think it is necessary, perhaps if it was to be implemented I would have it triggered by the loss of obelisks which could only happen if the bottom base and the large power base on the top half of the map had been destroyed. It being different for war factories and airstrips is beyond me though, so much to learn. Unfortunately at the moment I really have no idea of how U#s work and their relation to the way units will interact to different things. At the moment i'm testing the waters and getting used to the way stuff works, i'd like to reach the point where I am a proficient mapper and my end goal is rather ambitiously to make a mini campaign with a back story and whatever else - after which i'll move on to another game and start from the beginning again. As for what you say about CPU recruiting units based on when they were placed, might have to re-place them all to make sure it works just how I want it. Again thanks for your input, its hugely appreciated.
  5. Seeing your replies they actually make perfect sense. Now that you've highlighted them too me I think it would irritate me that they were fighting in the desert in the UK. For the mission I think I just took my sweet time - I like building my nice looking bases with about $100000 spent on concrete walls. Why does the Commando not have a visible ricochet on the ground when he fires? I think this also might have something to do with his inability to shoot the supply truck on Allies 3 which causes the vehicle to move past the explosive barrels. (I'll make this my last question because you would probably grow old and pass away from natural causes before I was done).
  6. Thanks for your comments. What you say about aesthetics means a lot, the appearance of the map is very important to me. I try to make something at least the same quality as the original campaigns although I am also aware of potentially going overboard with terrain doodads and what not (which I have done on occasion). I am also the type of person that will be prevented from enjoying a map if it uses the same ridge tile over and over again with no variation so thank you. Yeah my triggerwork definitely needs some improvement. I have very little idea about how things work and i'm really just picking up what I can from looking at the default campaign missions (and most of it doesn't make sense to me even if it does work - or doesn't). On the Des=Lose\Cap=win trigger i'm really not sure why that is in there. I did understand what it's function was and genuinely meant to just use the 'lose' trigger so that was a mistake on my part. The mtks teamtype was meant to be reinforcements that you receive on the top half of the map after you have taken out the bottom base - this was because initially the bottom base had a large tiberium field with harvesters mining and your units at the top of the map would get messed up by some pretty mad NOD dudes after you blew up their harvester. There used to be a NOD rocket launcher (The V2 like one - I forget the name) that would come out and one shot your commando whilst you weren't looking. I was actually unable to get the reinforcements to work correctly as it would only send 1 mammoth tank and nothing else so I just placed the units there instead and removed the tiberium field in favour of more power plants - something NOD doesn't seem to care as much about. I forgot to remove the reinforcements trigger afterwards so that is on me. The 'Top' reinforcements was actually the same thing but I created the mtks teamtype after so that I could have the mammoth tanks arrive and then the Commando, same story being I couldn't get it to work right so I opted for a simpler solution. I think the 3rd reinforcements for NOD that you mention was my first tangling with reinforcements and I tried to see if I could have a NOD Light Tank enter the map and hunt your starting units at the beginning as a matter of 'testing stuff out'. Again I forgot to remove all of this because i'm sloppy. I'm aware of the ridges on the outside of the map to control where reinforcements arrive and I can see it working but I can't seem to get reinforcements to be consistently what I need - i've also tried hovercraft reinforcements in a different mission which was unsuccessful. The topattack trigger was meant to have a tank engage your units when they stepped within the trigger zone but again, didn't seem to work. What you say about the '3' being how many times they will attack rather than being issued an order to attack the third waypoint makes sense of my other attempts at this kind of thing too. A patrol sounds like a cool thing to test actually, i'll try that. I'll also opt for Area Guard on any units I can. With regards to enemy unit production I wasn't sure whether I should implement this because pitting NOD against your limited forces could up the difficulty considerably - and i'm guessing the 'intensity' of the AI is not too variable. Might require some modification of units placed around the map. I think I made most of the buildings 'not replaceable' as I figured if they casually cranked up another turret after you'd already taken out the previous 4 might just spell ridiculously hard (for myself anyway). I appreciate your criticisms and tbh it was exactly what i'm looking for, and if it helps me take this map from a pretty but dysfunctional mess to an all round 'perfect' map then that will be mission accomplished. Thanks again.
  7. (Totally going to steal a submission format for this) Unstable Sands 62X62, Desert theater GDI mission. Mission Description ------------------- Destruction of a Brotherhood mining base in this sector would severely hinder their unit production capabilities. You are being sent in with a small force to destroy their power and tiberium mining assets. There is a heavy SAM-Site presence that would allow for air support if it was taken out of the picture. The area is split between a large river so you have been given two teams to secure each side. It is recommended that the power plants be destroyed first before an assault on the mining base in order to take their obelisks offline. This being my first map I am aware there are a thousand and one flaws with the map's creation and flavours that people might not like the taste of. Critical feedback for this map is fully appreciated as I would like to move this as close to perfect as I can. Experienced mappers' advice will also be taken on board. I am also aware the difficulty might not be up to scratch as (being not one of the greatest C&C players in the world) what I find hard might be a cakewalk for others. And of course: Pictures. Poor Civilians... Take that K a n e. Nod Navy, what is this? Enjoy and feel free to rip it and my heart apart if you can give some advice on what could be improved. Thanks. Sz-UnstableSands.zip
  8. Thanks for your input guys. I don't suppose it's possible to stop the AI going haywire when their harvesters are attacked? I've got a kind of split map a-la Nod12 going and the poor harvesters might endure a bit of harm which causes difficulties for the second lot of units over the other side of the river.
  9. Due to the rare event of me actually signing up to a forum I wanted to tell you that what you have created here is fantastic. When games are swapped around like this and you can to play with both elements (i.e C&C stuff with RA missions) I rather enjoy it. I have a few questions: 1. You modified a lot of the Allied missions to be temperate instead of snow. Do you intend to change all of the Soviet missions to desert? I think this would add to the C&C feel if so. Snow missions in the Allied campaign could also be changed to Winter (If its that simple). 2. For 2 of the Allied missions (Missions 1 and 7) you changed them to Tiberian Dawn missions instead. Was there a reason for it? 3. Finally did you alter any of the triggers for activating the nuke countdown timer in mission 10? For me it started counting down from 20 minutes straight away and I had hardly breached their base yet? It's probably my own fault but since the following mission doesn't seem winnable now I may have to start the campaign from the beginning again. Also in one of the Aftermath missions (Caught In the Act) NOD are still producing grenadiers, wasn't sure if you intended this or not. Many thanks, enjoying playing through the Red Alert campaign again with a slight twist.
  10. I see, so you're saying that in the first example you gave the 'value' should be set to 15 so that it interprets the trigger as a built barracks? If so, where could I find a list to the whole selection? Also I think '1' in the loop options is used in certain circumstances i.e if GDI get air strike from destroying all SAM-Sites (This is the example Nyerguds gave). I'm not really fussed having the buildings belong to me initially even if I can't see them until revealing them, and if revealing certain buildings from the shroud registers them as built then that will work perfectly. To get this feature I pretty much copied Westwood's method found in GDI Map5wa (I think) and although it works in my map perfectly - I have absolutely no idea how a 'dstrytrig xxxx" or whatever it is called means that buildings are hidden until discovered. It might be because you don't 'build' your CY as such since it's just deployed, although if it can register buildings simply being revealed from shroud as 'built' then I would also think it would be capable of the former. Oh well. If you wanted to have a fast attack you could place enemy units at opposite end of the map from where the CY gets deployed and issue them a command to attack at a certain time or just set them to hunt automatically. The whole teams thing still confuses me a lot so it's going to take some messing around and reading to get it right and understand it. I'd love a Starcraft campaign editor style type editor for the C&C series, it was so easy to use. On the topic of difficulty, I think at the moment whilst I wasn't looking to create any super hard maps - I will probably upload on these forums and then ask for some opinions on where it could be improved, difficulty or otherwise. If people play it though.
  11. Yeah i'd actually thought of having the enemy send a group of units to the local tiberium field upon construction of certain buildings but I couldn't figure out how to link a built it trigger to a structure that I hadn't placed on the map already - the base you use is also somewhat already constructed albeit damaged as you have to move to it from another part of the map. The stock campaign missions seemed to rely heavily on game time based triggers for sending units to attack so I went with that. Using time based triggers didn't seem to work however, it sent the correct units but they all came rushing towards me at once rather than small groups over time. If what you are saying is the U: option actually defines a team much like if we were to create one ourselves (CTRL+#) then I had set them all to U15 like the default missions which might explain that. The way I interpreted westwood's own methods is that it has a specific number of teams that it sends one after the other with specified units, growing in strength as the player progresses with their base construction. Then after these teams have been sent (usually gdi1, gdi2, etc.) it has another spread of teams (auto#) which then make up the rest of the game's attacks until the mission is finished. Am I also right in saying that the naming of these auto teams are important to their function otherwise they wouldn't consistently be sent out?
  12. Hello, Making my first Tiberian Dawn map and I am just fixing up a few remaining things with it before it is unleashed to you unfortunate souls. My question concerns the difference between the two events in the subject line. My guess from test running the map is that create team bunches together a selection of units that the AI already has available on the map whereas autocreate makes them appear like reinforcements. Am I correct or talking rubbish?
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