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  1. Hello, So I just updated the client to the latest version, my friend created a LAN game and when I want to press 'ready', it does not work; the button is not doing absolutely nothing apart from highlighting when I put the mouse over. I also tried all keys from the keyboard to actually press on the button, but I was not able to find one.
  2. there is nobody in particular, but a range of people. for example when A and B tries joins the same game and we start it, one of them them is always "kicked" out to the main screen of the program. If (one) either A or B does not join the game, everything works perfect. we all have the same version of the game installed and the cncnet 5 works fine for all. Last night when C joined the game, A and B (random examples) were not able to play anymore, but for me and others (3 people) it loaded just fine. not sure what the problem is, but I believe that it is something from cncnet 5... if it helps, we all know each other, we are friends, and we want to play between us.
  3. hello. me and some friends are trying to play yuri's online using cncnet 5 program and it worked perfect in the last couple of day. since yesterday, we cannot play a game as somebody always gets out of the game to the main lobby when we start the game. does anyone know why? thanks a lot!
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