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  1. Just wondering, what are your favorite maps (and how do I get them)? Any fond memories, shenanigans?
  2. I did some more poking around, and a long while back I may have changed the thememd.ini file to add the music from RA2. If understand it correctly, shouldn't this NOT effect gameplay or cause errors?
  3. Thanks for checking, though we didn't have it on for either match. Would turning off crates do anything, or reducing the number of AI opponents?
  4. Actually no, just regular, was trying to show my brother the ropes, not that I'm very good to begin with. Does AI itself or crates cause issues? [EDIT: Sorry for delay in response, I guess I need to get my posts approved because I'm new?]
  5. Hi all, My brother and I have been trying to play some VS AI matches together over the internet and have been getting reconnection errors about 10 minutes in every time. Neither of us are running mods, trainers, or cheats, on the default maps, in a decent tunnel (official, Europe), with crates on (at least I believe they are the default maps). [EDIT: we both have origin copies of the game] I've attached my sync files from 2 separate occurrences below along with a couple of match history pictures. Any insights you guys might have would be helpful. I tried to do a little homework myself, and people were saying that they could be caused by incorrect installation, high ping, custom maps, improper network config, and just randomly. If you guys have any suggestions besides finding a better tunnel (US, unofficial), or reinstalling (which I've already done), I'd love to hear about it. Thought I might ask here first before starting to play with the router settings or trying one of the lan patches or something. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the wall of text. SYNC1.TXT_3_8_2017_23_6.TXT SYNC1.TXT_3_8_2017_23_29.TXT
  6. The map is originally by another user who combined the Moscow levels from both RA2 campaigns, and I've been trying to turn it into a quasi-survival map. The error seems to occur before the change house triggers are activated, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure how much time you guys want to waste on this, but here you go. kremlin_hour_mod_v5.zip
  7. Hi all, FNG here, For shits and giggles I'm trying to mod a map with a lot of triggers using FinalAlert 2. Whenever I try to play it with my brother over CnCNet we get a reconnection error a couple of seconds in. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to debug custom maps? Thanks. -Les
  8. Hi guys, Just wanted to report a minor issue on my end, it doesn't require urgent attention, but if you're looking for something to fix, here you go: When I'm in the CnCNet client in any given lobby, the list of games in the upper right flashes frequently and sometimes the vertical scroll doesn't respond to input, either by using the mouse scroll wheel or clicking on the up or down buttons. Generally, I can click on the game I want to join, but it can sometimes require some effort and the constant flashing is annoying. If I had to guess, the flashing is linked to how often the client refreshes the list of available games- but it's just my guess. If this could be fixed, it might make the client a look a little cleaner in the next update. Hope this helps, Les
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