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  1. 3 vs 3 Tournament is now ready ! Giants 3 vs 3 Super PRO Tournament.pdf
  2. Registration is now closed. I will share the link for the brackets this week. Thanks everyone and good luck!!
  3. Sounds good to me!.. Please let me know who will be your allie for 2 vs 2. You can coordinate withy our team and rivals for the time and date. You will have 1 week for each round so it should be possible to play with out a problem.
  4. Hey Ibti ! For the 2 vs 2 tournament you can find your own allie. Let me know who will be your team m8.
  5. This post is to register: [Leyend]Day and DaZiReLaN ! Welcome and good luck !
  6. @admin could it be possible that a few people are still waiting for approval for their registration post ? Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately I must agree with Weaponx this time. We could never select both carry and dizz and pick him up. Trooper selected 2 carries but not the dizz. He than clicked on the dizz and one carry came to pick him up and before the carry landed on the dizz he click on the dizz ... this made it appear as if he selected both... but any case. Not possible at any time.
  8. With this post I enter : Radeon (aka. EnderLawyer) and momodog into the tournament! Good luck! This post is to register : Rami Welcome to the battle!
  9. Incredible. Looks very good. Maybe we could have something like this for the Tournament semifinals and finals. I will come back to you for sure. Thanks.!
  10. Hi bk57. Could you post a screenshot or some kind of mock-up of what you mean ?
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