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  1. Hey Ibti ! For the 2 vs 2 tournament you can find your own allie. Let me know who will be your team m8.
  2. THE one and only Wonder is now in the Tournament. Good luck !!
  3. This post is to register: [Leyend]Day and DaZiReLaN ! Welcome and good luck !
  4. @admin could it be possible that a few people are still waiting for approval for their registration post ? Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately I must agree with Weaponx this time. We could never select both carry and dizz and pick him up. Trooper selected 2 carries but not the dizz. He than clicked on the dizz and one carry came to pick him up and before the carry landed on the dizz he click on the dizz ... this made it appear as if he selected both... but any case. Not possible at any time.
  6. With this post I enter : Radeon (aka. EnderLawyer) and momodog into the tournament! Good luck! This post is to register : Rami Welcome to the battle!
  7. Incredible. Looks very good. Maybe we could have something like this for the Tournament semifinals and finals. I will come back to you for sure. Thanks.!
  8. Hi bk57. Could you post a screenshot or some kind of mock-up of what you mean ?
  9. Thank you BK57! We appreciate the suggestion. This time we will not use Auto Ally map or 10 Q map. But maybe in the future we could give it a try.
  10. To reigister to the tournament reply to this post with the user name you plan to play with in the tourney.! 1.Giants Super PRO 2 v 2 - Tournament: is default map. Players can select their own dream team. Each teams position in the bracket will be generated by random drawing. 2. Giants Super PRO 3 vs 3 Tournament - is default map. All teams will be generated by random drawing. Each teams position in the bracket will be generated by random drawing. Giants Rules Apply: No Harv Scout, No Harv Bom, No Eng Attack. If both teams agree to play NO Rules we will us the map Giants Super PRO 2 v 2 - Mr_Firestar's balance patch v1. This only applies to the 2 vs 2 bracket. No lagers allowed! If game sync lost we will remake. If a player disconnects on purpose and it's obvious it counts as lost. Games will need to have 1 spec from the TS Group on Telegram. Group members will post picture of final score or post video in Giants Channel. If you want to join the Telegram group talk to Mr_Firestar. If you want to post your Giants games on youtube channel let me know and you can get access. Players who want to donate and make this more interesting will have an opportunity once the tournament bracket is done. REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 31st ! Register NOW! The torunament will begin on November 12. Since we are all spread around the world we will allow 1 week for each round of the tournament. All rounds are best of 5 ( first to 3 wins). The Final will be best of 7 (first to 4 wins). Current Teams for 2 vs 2 tournament: Jaro & Fire ( Tigerr) may replace jaro some games. Ender & Rami WpX & Tro0per_07_ Sir_V3L & Momodog [Legend]Day & Daz Dizzowner & GeeWhizz Antinataliz & Formul_28
  11. Nice. I was called crazy when I said we should get this back ! Some people also told me it never existed hahaha I hope we do get this map generator back on TS.
  12. Yes you are right. It's based on cost to a point but we are missing many factors. For example do we get a win bonus or do you loose points if you surrender instead of defeated etc.... Recently we had some games tha crash because of sync problems and each player depending on how the connection is lost is counted as the winner. From this I could tell the difference is huge. My screen would show I have top score but on other people's screen I'm not top score and the point difference is huge....
  13. I checked it out but it seems there are a lot of unknown factors.The buildings and units are worth very few points according to the info but the scores we see at the end of games are in the thousands. It's an interesting topic but we may never find out how it all adds up.
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