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  1. Tun on your in game panel from game settings. You can assign any key you want.
  2. This is the only post that makes sence. If you want to play fair maps than just play the original standard maps. Anything else is super mod and just play for fun and cut down on the drama ladies.
  3. Very nice mod. I will do the campaign for sure lol
  4. NICE LOL. You dont seem to understand that we actually agree that vet is a nice mod. Kik and Ban is a normal practice on TS, I mean you do it to many players every day... You once again made my point by noting that some of you decided that the behaviour of S should be changed just because of your opinion or the opinion of a few players. That is the point of the whole discussion, you cant change the game and call it standard TS and say that its the best hahaha.... And your attitude of play the game my way or just leave the game is also very limited like your comprehention abilities. All we are saying is play the vet mod and enjoy. Play the ladder with only vet maps and enjoy as well. And let everyone else enjoy ther mod maps or standard maps as they like. This is simple enough for you ?
  5. Hi Weapon its clearly not possible to clarify a point of view since your english comprehension is very limited. I said that Alt did not need to be fixed... so your point about cherry picking is just your lack of understanding when reading. On the old ladder you had a choice of who you play so you can ban or kik before game even started. And yes we did have a one click map generator it was really great. Once again your point about the ladder is your lack of understanding when reading since I clearly said that it was only for the vet players and all others just ignore and dont play, so yes you basically made my point again.
  6. The only thing there is to understand is that the Vet mod is cool, have fun playing it. Some pople dont want to play Vet maps and thats also cool. They should continue to play their own favorite mod maps or standard maps if thats their choice. We all played the game when ALT scout was possible and we still played great games. If anyone ALT scout we just kik or ban. Simple solution to simple problem. I played vet map recently and I see that planes still get stuck out of screen and what did I do? the same as always dont let the pads be full when plane is ready. So vet is not fixing this problem and we still work around it vet or no vet. I will make this comment about the ladder since you mentioned it in your early reply. The ladder is cool but it fails the community since only the players who like vet are accounted for and cosidered in the map selection, so only the 20 guys who play vet should participate and enjoy like you are already are doing. The rest will simply ignore the ladder since its not ment for all members of the community in any case. P.S the original ladder was much better since we could select the map and also create random map with a click, you could easily create a map that was one of a kind and test your skills vs others with out the benefit of knowing very detail of the map.... Long story short just let people enjoy the game and stop trying to force your favorite mod on everyone.
  7. Thanks you made my point. Great followup post.
  8. Corps and amokk have made thier point of view very clear and I agree with both. There is nothing wrong with Vet its basically like visc maps or bbg or giants or what ever other fix or mod made over the years. Ok we get it, you made a fun mod for the 15 to 20 pleople who play only terraces for years and years. Im sure they are grateful for the efforts made. But in the end it is a mod like every other on TS. I see about 100 players who play Giants of War or other mod maps every day. Over the years the mod players have always been criticized from the one map pro players, things like mod maps are for noobs or low skill and many other insults we dont need to note here. Its the same thing, they are playing a mirror map with mods to make the game balanced and easier for new players to join and have fun. Its the same thing you are tryin to do, but do you hear them saying we should change all maps and game play to giants mechanics? Maybe we should put this to a vote for every player online who plays TS . You would have more poeple voting for giants mechanics since there are more giants players LOL. Would you like to have giants mechanics forced in your terraces games or other westwood style maps? I think not. So just call it what it is, a mod and let people play what they like. Dont force anyone to play it on ladder or on server level. You also have to remember that many of us have been here for like 20 years and this game is a classic. The version made by westwood and release to us over 20 years ago is the standard version and the soul of this game. Its the reason we are all here in the first place. Just show your appreciation and let the classic game live on and play your mod with your frieds as you like. I see some of these post talk about vet beeing made by the community but in reality this was not made by community, but by a small group of players. Who have opinions like if you dont like vet and dont want to play with us you are a bad person and a noob, but if you like vet you are a good guy and part of the pros LOL. Thats how you build a community for sure.
  9. In this case its not about the map or versions or maps its about the people. I enjoy playing games with Rami and House and many others. Now some times we set terraces but also play BBG or Giants or other mod maps. It also helps that we all have more time since everyone is home lol And everyone knows I was always againts the vet maps lol
  10. @all Please stop tryingt to "Fix" the game and just get some decent connectivity and a computer so that we dont have to play slow motion lagg games. That would actually make the game better.
  11. Please don't "fix" the game any more LOL. This is a classic game, leave the normal gameplay alone and enjoy. If you would like to make so many changes just take the code fix everything you think needs fixing and rename the game to your liking. After all, it is open source. The last thing we need is to add the vet super mod to the whole game. To be honest the only thing that needs fixing is most peoples Internet connection and a computer that can run the game. I think we have about 80 to 100 players total on this game and from those about 20 to 30 can run the game at normal speed.
  12. You see there is a message on this game that states. 60 frames is normal speed. And you get this message when a player like for example tranxer or some others that normally lagg big time. " This player runs at 50 frames and to play a normal game no lagg its 60. So whatever the default speed was, does not matter because 60 is the current normal game speed. And if the tournament is about playing vs AI than yes you are right. I thought this was about playing vs other players not AI. In any case, thanks for the nice chat. The idea to have a tourney for cash is cool. Enjoy.
  13. So you are saying that since you are used to playing slow games you rather play slow games than actually play the game at full speed. It is a fair reason.
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