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  1. Please don't "fix" the game any more LOL. This is a classic game, leave the normal gameplay alone and enjoy. If you would like to make so many changes just take the code fix everything you think needs fixing and rename the game to your liking. After all, it is open source. The last thing we need is to add the vet super mod to the whole game. To be honest the only thing that needs fixing is most peoples Internet connection and a computer that can run the game. I think we have about 80 to 100 players total on this game and from those about 20 to 30 can run the game at normal speed.
  2. You see there is a message on this game that states. 60 frames is normal speed. And you get this message when a player like for example tranxer or some others that normally lagg big time. " This player runs at 50 frames and to play a normal game no lagg its 60. So whatever the default speed was, does not matter because 60 is the current normal game speed. And if the tournament is about playing vs AI than yes you are right. I thought this was about playing vs other players not AI. In any case, thanks for the nice chat. The idea to have a tourney for cash is cool. Enjoy.
  3. So you are saying that since you are used to playing slow games you rather play slow games than actually play the game at full speed. It is a fair reason.
  4. You can play slow lagg games if you like, thats your choice but 59 to 60 frames is normal game speed. If you look at the entire ladder you will see games that are in the 40s so if you talk about average for the entire ladder it only confirms my point that 55 or whatever you think its normal is actually slow, and the average of the entire ladder is at 55 because there are players that run faster than 55 or else it would actually be lower. I just find it strange that people accept to play a game below its normal game speed in a tournament or ladder setting and actually argue that its ok to play slow or lagg games.
  5. LOL 55 frames is not normal. That is actually slow. But as noted in the comments lagg seems to be accepted and welcomed.
  6. Tournament sounds good. I would donate 100 EUR. The only request is that players must run 59 to 60 frames every game. If the game is not at top speed the team with laggers will be disqualified.
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