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    I agree with claus. The superbuildings were a lot of fun. It made it worthwhile to start building on low money maps. If it is an option I do not consider it as cheating.
  2. PthBynd

    red alert newbie question

    Please note that you can not deploy the MCV in the ore :-) You can deploy the MCV in an empty space
  3. Very cool :-) I found myself in 2001. I guess I played a lot that year. Highest place I could find #12. Playing: path, island wars and sometimes nxnw. Remember that many of the pros used different names to gather points and than donated the points to themselves. So usually the top5 was full of cheaters
  4. PthBynd

    Issue with leaderboard

    Ok thanks for checking :-0
  5. PthBynd

    Issue with leaderboard

    I played vs "Rocketsteve" on path beyond. When I was almost won (I already killed his cy and almost all tanks) there was a dc. Not sure who dc-ed. My connection seems to be fine, since it logged back into cncnet directly. However i lost 22 points? Is this correct? Nov 9, 2015 10:19:18 PM 4 mins rocketsteve + 22 points [x]pthbynd - 22 points Path Beyond (6- Tech level: 10 Money: 10000