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  1. "So wait, as long as you restart construction before the buildup animation ends, it doesn't reset the speed? That's definitely an exploit..." There's at 10 least exploits in the game, most of which I'm sure you know. Does that mean you have an unfair advantage against new players? Just because you read it, or someone told you? Of course not. "And I must state, people using in every sentence 100 exclamation marks and writing in capitals (which in the real world is equivalent to shouting at someone)" Agreed, it's the way you communicate which causes the drama. No need to shout at people constantly, relax man.
  2. There's nothing unfair about learning how to play a game through reading a guide in the public domain.
  3. The power trick is in Ehy's / Lovehandle's reworked Milo guide: "When you deploy a building that will cause you to drop to low power, you can build a new building fast enough so the next building builds still with the normal power speed." A good method is to prepare your next building with the mouse wheel before (or simultaneously) you deploy the building which makes you go to low power. Then your next building can be quickly deployed before your power drops.
  4. Here's a link to my tank test for Germany, Spain, England and France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BFbMSPfyYI I think it's clear to see that the countries are not the same. For example, France is firing at a different rate and England has the weakest tank. I've reproduced this a few times with the same results. Germany always wins.
  5. New Cases ladder started here: http://www.myleague.com/redalert1/free-signup
  6. It's here! http://www.myleague.com/redalert1/free-signup
  7. That's a shame. The medals could be awarded on ra1guides.com?
  8. Nice idea. Maps like this already exist, so it's just the medals needed.
  9. Ok guys, I tried your suggestions but save still doesn't work. - The file doesn't have zero bytes after saving - The game isn't installed in program files - With admin permissions makes no difference It's not a big deal for me, I just use save as. But happy to help fix the bug...
  10. Oh right cheers Allen! I'll give it try...
  11. Windows 10 (got forced into it! :ranting:)
  12. Thanks for the info Funky. So if all allied countries are the same in CNCNET, it must be that some maps have been altered. In my test, France visibly fired faster, but did less damage (using gold rush).