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  1. Windows 10 Fall Creators update issues

    Yeh fast fixes cheers Funky and team!
  2. X3M's light tank rush is a strategy to keep in your arsenal, and it was very effective in the past to quickly earn ladder points. The surprise factor can still sometimes quickly win you the game, but expect to be countered if you use it in a rematch! (Tesla's kill lights with 1 zap and engineers are hard to run over.)
  3. While they defend, they don't necessary lose buildings. Engineers for example can be used to prevent that.
  4. Different players on different maps prefer different tactics, but I wouldn't say 1 is harder than the other. It's best to be good at both strategies, along with a mix of both. If you understand how to defend, your attacking will improve and vice versa.
  5. QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    I'll help
  6. Yeh some top guys were no doubt cheating like that, and d/c too. I mostly played path back in '97 for a year. Looking at Steeldart's ranking pic there, interesting to see Jjfjr at only 10 in the rankings with 9 losses, because he would go on to be 1 of the strongest ever according to Milo: "JJFjr proved himself to be better than everyone else still playing, beating me 8 to 1 in 1v1s and pretty much devastating the rest of the competition". But that was before cncnet came along, so wonder how he'd do now. Does he even know the game is back up and running?
  7. Depends who you're playing and which map. But generally speaking, if you successfully defend a rush, you'll have a significant tank count advantage on the counter and should win the game.
  8. Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Took me 3 hours to find the fan, gave it a clean and all's working fine now thanks! Dell vostro laptops are tough to clean!
  9. How many clans are there on CnCNet?

    Yeh there's lots of clans in RA, some of which aren't on the website. You don't need XWIS style clan organisation to make a clan official. It's just a group of players, sharing ideas, training each other and battling other clans.
  10. Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Thanks for your message Funky, I'll give it a go.
  11. Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Hey Funky and friends, how you doing? I've got a computer issue, if there's too much action in game e.g. too many units, the game lags (not in a jumpy way like connection lag, but a slow and smooth decrease in game speed). Do you know what I should be fixing? I have an intel core i3, 4gb ram, dell laptop standard graphics card. Is my computer just to slow :O Cheers Diaz
  12. Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    snake passed the GMC with me and VoLKoV, please give him a medal
  13. Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    VoLKov passed the GMC with me and Fluffy, please give him a medal
  14. Here's a link to my tank test for Germany, Spain, England and France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BFbMSPfyYI I think it's clear to see that the countries are not the same. For example, France is firing at a different rate and England has the weakest tank. I've reproduced this a few times with the same results. Germany always wins.