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    I guess it cncnet has patched it?? haven't confirmed that. However! I will confirm that engies were indeed able to steal tick tanks, MSA, juggs, artillery, etc. pretty much anything deployed. You had to click on the engi and put him near the deployed unit. Then you had to hold down alt + ctrl and click near the unit and the engi would run into the unit and infact capturing it. I think you can try it if you run the game off the disc itself and not the cncnet interface. Try it in the skirmish im sure it still works in the original legit game.
  2. Hello everyone, you might know me online, in game as mjg, marcj, WinMX, etc. etc. Anyway, I feel that Tiberian Sun is an awesome game even it being almost two decades old. It has great replay value great diversity in gameplay. However, as much as this game may be 'awesome', the game cannot be felt in its' full glory without others to play with. Our community has grown somewhat in the past months. Our growth though, I feel, is being hindered by the overwhelming of new coming players. Let me elaborate. Most of us don't remember what its like to be new at TS. How hectic it is managing all these units and task at once. It takes time to learn this game. Step by step. I remember how I found TS. I downloaded the 42mb demo back in '01; two missions it had. It was limited to GDI side and only allowed to build up to MRLS. I was hooked. Bought the game a few days later. That was back then. What we have now, is straight to multiplayer TS. Where the newbs get banned for not know how to play, and thus becoming discouraged in pursuing any further advancement in learning the game. I mean that isnt fun. You're a new player trying to experience the game, but it's mostly online play. When you get online, you either get banned or owned. What I propose to somewhat increase player retention is having some sort of shortcut directly on the load up lobby for the Tiberian Sun Campaigns. I know that they are available (and I'm not sure but I think they are an optional rather than a mandatory download). If we had new players experience the campaigns before their online matches, it may help keep the new players. The missions will serve as an intro to TS getting players familiar with the keyboard functions, unit control, building functions, among many other things that comprise the TS gameplay. It would be nice to make the campaigns mandatory before online gameplay but that can get boring. So creating a shortcut to them, and maybe including them in the TS download on CnCnet might have a strong impact on keeping new players, resulting in more games, better players, diversity, fun! Let me know what you guys think. mjg Edit: Including this guide ( http://mjryder.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Tiberian-Sun-guide-v4-c-Mole40k-2013.pdf ) as a button shortcut on the main lobby would be very useful as well.
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