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  1. I would like to help you out Funky! Let me know if theres anything I can do! I love C++! Also, I'd like to ask you a question...it's about red alert build times! PLEASE FIND ME! THANKS AND REGARDS!
  2. http://aforaguide.blogspot.mx/2016/04/shout-out-to-andrewford.html
  3. http://aforaguide.blogspot.mx/2016/04/shout-out-to-andrewford.html
  4. I'm currently working on improving SOVIET PAGE. If you have any ideas to add post them! WWW.AFORAGUIDE.BLOGSPOT.COM
  5. Hmmm...someone send me link of someone impersonating me. Someone admitted that they were your roommate and that they were the impostors not you. Maybe talk to your roommate and straighten things out. Then send proof to FunkyFresh. Whoever it was, they must have known that break calls me a Mexican. This person must have been real mad at me.
  6. Sorry for ban AndrewFord. Impersonating players is a big no-no. :down: visit my site for future posts though: ww.aforaguide.blogspot.com By the way, did you have Mexico flag when you impersonate me?
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