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  1. Naval War is irrelevant, game should be balanced around the default game rules. You obviously don't know the balance well enough.
  2. So a unit has a use, doesn't mean its good. Lets see all those said units win a tournament over someone who doesn't use those units. Yea lets use d trucks and terrorists over desos. Never happened. ZigZag played like 1 tournament, doesn't win and thinks he knows what hes talking about.
  3. Again, most of these units are useful if you use them correctly. Just because units have a function doesn't give any indication of whether they are good or bad, tell me a tournament where these units are built and have them do well. Tesla Troopers - Get kited, do no dmg in other words, get rekt by cons, Gi, inits for 500$ Brutes - ditto Demo Trucks - only good with IC Tesla Tanks - worse range and durability and require radar, they take 1-2 shots before they can attack Terrorists - Why not build an Engi and take out a key structure for cheaper, or CI's Tank Destroyers - bad range, speed and turn rate, easily out maneuvered and cant hit anything on slope terrain Destroyers - do no land damage, and osprey get shot down before doing anything Apocalypse - slow, wrecked by other factions late game, only good for IC, Rhinos are just better Why on Earth would you build Tesla Troopers when Desolators cost 100$ more, self heal, more health, have better range, similiar DPS vs Tanks and thats not even including their Deploy weapon.
  4. The worst units are easily Tesla Troops, Brutes, Demo Trucks, Tesla Tanks and Terrorists. Others are Tank Destroyers, Destroyers, Apocalypses, V3's.
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