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  1. sorry I was not aware all the medal reporting goes through this thread. I have made a thread earlier at following link. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8081-ora-blitz-gold-medal-challenge-result/ The thread is to report that ORA-blitz has completed gold medal challenge. I myself (ORA-whip) & cousinvinny spectated him in a 2 single games. Thus, to admins/moderator of CnCNet 5, please show ORA-blitz his medal as soon as you can. If you need anything else please let me (ORA-whip) & cousinvinny know in the CnCNet 5 lobby. Thanks. Best Regards whiplash aka ORA-whip
  2. hi funky/CnCNet admins I would like to inform that ORA-blitz has won gold medal challenge. Below are the spectators. 1. ORA-whip 2. cousinvinny He won 2 single games, first with me and second with cousinvinny. you can confirm with me (ORA-whip) & cousinvinny on cncnet lobby (if necessary) for the ORA-blitz's gold medal challenge result. Thanks. Best Regards whiplash aka ORA-whip
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