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  1. Can I test it too Funky? Thanks!
  2. Write in English you damn Germans!!!
  3. Commander


    Beast is a good example of how someone should behave while and after a deserved ban. Instead of contaminate RA related websites with trash, spend better your energies on improving your skills and think about what you did. Only this way you get a second chance, which you should use wisely. Keep your good job Beast by playing always fair and respecting the community. Best wishes, C|ommander
  4. And now me, as second spect of d0p3k1llz, I can confirm his GMC win as well. Congrats mate, well deserved! Here are his stats: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-31493977/gmc_dope_stats.png.html
  5. Hi Funky! Thanks a lot for the quick response. Seems you are here more reachable than in the game lobby, nice. Of course we all know, you are really busy these days. So each simplification we can do for you is welcome. Yes, C|lausewitz has already created an account on GameSurge. His nickname there should be "clausewitz". Thanks again for your efforts and contributions to the Community. Best, C|ommander
  6. Dear RA-Community Since the last weeks we have experienced that FunkyFr3sh is mostly offline in the game lobby and other admins are not able to report/add any medals, I have decided, to start here a new topic for reporting new achieved medals. I would also suggest that FunkyFr3sh gives to at least one trusted and active admin fully access to add medals, to avoid such cases in the future. And now I gladly announce that C|own aka C|lausewitz has finally finished twice the GMC, once in front of me (C|ommander) and once in front of C|Beast on June 20, and he is patiently waiting for his medal. For further questions please contact us in the game lobby. Thanks in advance, C|ommander Before posting in here please make sure you were reading the rules: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3673-cncnet-gold-medal-challenge-reset-red-alert-1/
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