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  1. Counterstrike & Aftermath music + Counterstrike ant videos + PS1 music have bug , crshnvox.aud can't play i fix it music.ini
  2. I kept a-z A-Z Standard ASCII characters I haven't changed.
  3. There are more than 3000 common characters in Chinese RA can only support 256 characters of ascii, so I put the characters used for allied missions into ASCII font, so that RA can display Chinese. One package can't fit all the game text, so I hope I can add a few more packages to guide different parts of the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 中文常用字符有3000多个 ra只能支持ascii的256个字符,所以我把盟军任务用到的字符放入ascii字库里面,这样ra就可以显示中文了。 一个包没办法放入全部游戏文字,所以我希望可以多加几个包,来引导不同的游戏部分
  4. I am translating this game into Chinese and have completed the original task. Germanlanguagepack.mix for the Allied mission Germancensoredlanguagepack.mix for the Soviet mission Germanuncensoredlanguagepack.mix for skirmish I hope that I can support several language packs for games, such as chineselanguagepack1, chineselanguagepack2, 3, and 4. germanlanguagepack.mix germancensoredlanguagepack.mix germanuncensoredlanguagepack.mix
  5. I want to add a language file, can I add a function in the redalert.ini GameLanguage=1 Add a custom language file? For example: GameLanguage=7 will call lang7.mix GameLanguage=8 will call lang8.mix Does the language file package have examples? For example, those files are needed.
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