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  1. Hi, posting again since I was never replied to the first time. Is the game modifiable using TibEd? I tried using it before, and the game would crash every time. Is there something I need to do beforehand?
  2. Hey, so I downloaded the patch and installed it successfully, just wondering, is it compatible with TibEd? When I used to play it back when I was a wee little sprout, my dad and I liked to mess around with the attributes of buildings and units on either Nod or GDI, would that still be possible? I've already modified GDI in TSF, but every time I go to run a new Skirmish match, the game freezes up half way through the loading screen, so I'm stuck there with a Titan or an Orca Dropship, and a frozen screen, I can't even bring up Task Manager to try to force kill the program, it's that frozen, so I have to restart my machine every time. Is there something I did wrong, or will I have to remove all current modifications and uninstall TibEd?
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