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  1. Any update on this? last week i had this problem, and even after lossing all of my tanks i cound't build anymore tanks... I lost the game of this....
  2. goldeneye

    unable to play

    Problem solved, my network card driver comes with the app "killer network manager (msi)" disabling this app and it worked!
  3. We got the same problem here... Hope someone got a great idea to fix this?
  4. goldeneye

    unable to play

    Hello there, Last night me and a my buddy try to play RA 2 en RA, everything seems to work fine in first instance (we can connect to the lobby etc), but when we start the game, suddenly the connection is lost... So in game the connection is lost, and the game will forfeit. This is the same case for RA 2 and RA. Port 6667 is open in the router, also we run the game in admin mode. I got Windows 7, my buddy is running Windows 10. The game works in Single player mode. Anyone know what to do to solve this?
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