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  1. no that just disable seeing the ppl who are online on the whole server. but that doesnt stop u seeing them writhing 24/7 in lobby. since this seems 2 be an irc channel, it should be very easy 2 direct the client to whatever channel the game is #ts #ra2 #ra1 etc.. the client should understand which player signed in with which game...
  2. Hey, how can i disable chats from other games ? i join with ts, so i dont give a f*** about what RA2 ppl writhe in the lobby? is it possible 2 only allow chat from ppl , who have signed in into TS ? this is really annoying and stupid like it is ...
  3. ur going to fix that alt+tab prob ?
  4. When i m in game and i wanna get out of it (during it) the game crashes instantly when i m only a spec or i get a msg on facebook or whatever, i always used 2 press quick alt+tab to get out of it,...read my stuff, and get back in it that worked fine on wol and xwis, but it doesnt seem 2 work here is there any possible solution 2 get out of it without crashing the game? check video proof https://youtu.be/G0riagvTE1M
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