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  1. Nyerguds really needs to fix reinforced weaponless Gun Boats so custom missions can do this.
  2. Speaking of quality I never understand why Frank Klepacki never gives us a complete soundtrack for all the C&C games he composed for, especially the Red Alert soundtrack CD that didn't even include Fogger!
  3. Modifying A Classic

    I'm no good at balancing and don't have much to contribute but it would be nice to somewhat give GDI more early game protection and give Nod better late game protection like stronger light tanks or something. Just have Nod still rely on numbers and fast units to win.
  4. Suggested Forum Theme

    Just a suggestion but it would be nice to have a new C&C95 theme that looks like the old C&C Communication Center forum this has replaced.
  5. Good work Nyerguds! Now we need a full blown unit editor for the game.
  6. Every time I try to download it says ''Failed'' and can't use it. O_o
  7. Red Alert 3 Tesla Tank

    The mod I used was made for a older version like 1.08 but I tried to tweak it to work for 1.12 and the mod works in a sense that I can go in-game and build it but after the second Tesla Tank the game crashes.
  8. Red Alert 3 Tesla Tank

    Oops, i re-checked but I in fact have 1.12 which is a official patch isn't it?
  9. Red Alert 3 Tesla Tank

    I tried downloading mods that enable it but they crash on version 1.12 and after that I downloaded the modding SDK kit with a 4 row sidebar to make the Tesla Tank fit and I'm completely lost on that with no experience. So does anyone know how to do this and make it work for me and anyone else who would like that? I would greatly appreciate it!
  10. few questions about RAED mission editor

    I can't really answer your problems but here's a very informative guide about Red Alert 1 mission making https://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/196962-command-and-conquer-red-alert/faqs/1701 it explains just about everything but a few things.
  11. Expanding SNOW Theater with new tiles

    Is that a graveyard next to the church? That and the dam looks good enough to be part of the game, I would have to side with Nyerguds about the others.
  12. Introducing RedAlert++

    Yeah I do not use facebook either. But thanks for the new update that picture is swee!
  13. Introducing RedAlert++

    Any updates upcoming soon or later?
  14. Please fix Text Triggers

    Honestly unless your connection is slow I never had troubles downloading full installs without movies. In other words isn't there a option to download SP stuff?
  15. Off topic but I always wondered if Westwood used a editor built inside C&C/RA1 for mission/mp map making. I know what they used allowed them to place terrain without clearance check unlike edwin.