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  1. Red Alert 1 was originally suppose to take place in the 70s with 1940s to 1980s tech mixed in according to a archived Q&A session nearly a year before RA1 came out. That would explain the high tech leftovers like the Apache, Hind, T-72, and M1 Abrams which some were still prototype stage at that point but it's not unfitting for the Allies to have the early XM1/M1 unlike GDI that has the M1A1. I made a post linking the source to it to. https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/419113-red-alert-1s-time-line/#comment-694908 You got some ideas rolling around but do you plan to add a "pure" mode to your Red Alert mod? In my preference I would just like the original units.
  2. I don't think I was saying slap a Abrams turret on a different hull since the turret itself looks to be narrower and not a outright copy when looking at it parked next to the Abram in the render. The design seen in cutscenes is pretty much its own thing and a model should just be accurate to how it appeared. A M60-2000 is plausible but the light tank doesn't have side skirts, or a raised engine deck and the exhaust are above the track covers rather than being hidden behind the grate. The hull itself feels more like WW2/post war design like the M41 Bulldog with its exhaust placement. 😄
  3. Regarding your light tank model instead of a M48 Patton you should just make it look like the CGI version since it's quite unique and doesn't really have a real world design. It only has a Abrams like turret in similarities but it's narrower and shorter with a smaller gun. The hull doesn't match anything really and just seems like a mix design. I already covered it in the W3D forum and you even see a good close up of it destroyed which I posted there. I also uploaded close up side shots of it seen in a cut scene assaulting a base https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/419141-a-proper-light-tank-for-apb/?do=findComment&comment=695154
  4. I experimented with this years ago and the AI in RA1's skirmish never builds [GNRL], you would have to modify existing infantry that is buildable.
  5. A mission that was briefly seen in their early trailers has been found to be a leftover inside the beta's mix files but appeared to of been made when missions were split in two files, and the .bin was missing. So with the help of the beta researcher team we had to reconstruct the terrain using screenshots and videos. TaxOwlBear made a "Let's Play" of the mission if you'd like to check it out in video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TcycBJ3fLQ Before and after: Original mission screenshots: Lost Mission Restoration.zip
  6. It just crossed my mind but will you show the mission maps and how are they different?
  7. Sure would love to get a download link for a beta/alpha version of Red Alert.
  8. I say make it optional because if the remasters had mods in the future that added more units I could see it useful Though Retaliation's sidebar was optimized for controllers I did like how they worked the categorized sidebar where the latest unit/building you selected stays selected allowing you to quickly build the same unit you press O or Square on it to select a new one. Of course this feature wouldn't be needed if the units were given shortcut keys.
  9. I highly support queue in the remaster and possibly even tabs like RA2 with scroll wheel support if mods add even more units.
  10. This is about C&C95 and RA1 is it? Well for all the original C&C games I would like higher resolution graphics but keep the buildings, ships, and vehicles faithful to their original designs.
  11. I just got this as well from downloading the latest RA2 CNCNet launcher. Edit: Mental Omega is doing it to me now.
  12. Good work fixing the forum Tore! Now make a separate theme that looks like the glory days of the communication forum please.
  13. Man modern forums suck these days.
  14. Speaking of circular Tore, please change the Avatar shape back to square. It's overused, cuts people's avatars off and looks ugly.
  15. Hmm, I didn't use the white theme. But I still think there should be a C&C95 theme like the old Communication forum. It reminded me of the old monitors that was displayed in black and green.
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