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  1. Thanks for the answer. So, I should send my crash dump to someone who know how to read it so I can have some help ? I don't think people will lose their time to stuff like this...
  2. Hello, guys, I just wanted to know how to read Ra crash dump. Because I'm trying to change some properties in "rules.ini" and it crash the game when battle start. I just want to know why it crash, so I want to know what software you use for that. (I'll not bother Iran with a crash dump caused on my own x) ) Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry if I opened this thread in the wrong location
  3. Thanks for your replies ! =) Tore : I see. So the AI have a paranoid mode... Allen262 : I found this option and deactivated it. Hope it'll fix it. Thank you ! Edit : It worked ! Thanks again, guys ! AI seem fair, now. =)
  4. Hello guys, In red alert skirmish, the AI act really strangely : When you set, by example, a small map with 7 AI with no bases, AI will attack each other. No problem. But, after 1 or 2 minutes, they will suddenly cease fire between them, and attack you like if they are ally. Can someone explain me why this bug happen ? Or was it intended ? I remember the original game didn't have this bug... Thanks for reading this !
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