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  1. So I recently reformatted my MacBook Pro. It's a pretty solid machine and I've played TS completely smoothly on it 3 months ago before formatting. Now I can't get smooth gameplay no matter the renderer I pick. It works the best with ddwrapper but it's still not particularly good. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Hey again, Appreciate the answer and the effort you guys put into making this. My game is now slow with whatever resolution option (even the worst resolution) but i'll try the things you mentioned and will update after The error i'm getting is "MD5: No acces to memory location"
  3. Hi there, I just found this site and instantly got really excited. I used to play TS as a kid 12 years ago but since it never was made for mac, i never really played it since. Until now! However the app (or whatever it is) doesn't quite run like i want it to and if anyone here can help, i'd appreciate it. 1. My game is extremely slow. I noticed that it happened after matching the resolution to my screen (which happened to be the highest option). I saw a thread where someone explained that you could do a couple of things such as changing the driver to mac driver and so on, but where do i do that? 2. Single player doesn't work. Maybe that's just intended but if not - what do i do? 3. I get a error saying memory wasn't found when i create a new game. It still creates the game but i'd like to know what it's about.
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