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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04vazyIbaHI
  2. so this is ok please please don't chat s
  3. I played with this guy a few times but now hes copying my log can you please ask this guy not to do this ? (3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> oi (3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> noob (3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> ur not lostsouls (3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> change that shit (3) [12:12 AM] <LostSouLs> yes I am (3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> like fuck u are (3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> u are kabaddi (3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> I am lost (3) [12:13 AM] <KaBaDDi> would u like me to report u ? (3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | United States 2019-05-02 07:13 PM | ts (3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | Other Names: VietMan [n1]JohnZ Caocaojr Sir_VietMan [CoKe]Viet CaBdADy CaBdADDi LostSouLs (3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | Idle: 18seconds | Online Since: 2019-05-02 11:43 PM (3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> can u? (3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> please
  4. do you see me saying other gods don't exist ??? and paging it in the lobby ? whats the first rule in the lobby when you login ?
  5. This guy Titleling his game room ALLAH DON'T EXIST I find this offensive
  6. well i get banned for copying a name but he can be abusive and its ok what worse ???
  7. is it ok for nodrescue to make accusations like this and get away with it ?? callin someone a child beater is a serious offence yet u let him get away with everything
  8. can you please sort out the glitches like today i was building tits i had money but then they just go on hold evern tho i click like 100 times for them to build
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