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  1. its not gone just yet.... whats max clan size? 2?
  2. no one knows mate its another of those mysteries!
  3. just need a buddy now !
  4. if we cant increase competition in the ladder, is there any scope for a different competition, on the side? it might help the TS forum activity a little? and possibly bring new players to the game...? "TS Forum Arcade + Score/leader Boards..." Can it be done and is there any old school arcaders amongst us? #CNCNETTSARCADE
  5. Tibermach

    CNCNet bug?

    Did they make the interface more annoying?
  6. Not a bad idea I guess You will have to get the ladder limited to 1 login for this I would assume though... Just keep to original maps? This will exclude several players I'd assume.. do we really wanna include mod maps? If it raised participation levels though I'd probably say go for it giants/gso/bbg and grey's or not grey's? Probs no. I guess from this 3 months you can then create a ranked/seeded tournament...
  7. Probs say today top ten looks something like this, players who can play gdi and nod equally as good on tezz short/long game and 1v1/2v2 +other maps ww and mods nearer the top, also trying to account for game time somehow... so to my limited knowledge right now as follows: Trz I0nst0rm Netteine Weaponx C0rps Sexpro NME Humble Tigerr Carnage/avan/tro0per/tight/grey/dar/sky/ etc who don't play so regularly but can still pop in for a bit of beef probs have carnage top if he played some more... think when he was playing more he stood out just above the rest. I might have missed somethings I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wide off the mark... I may reconsider..
  8. lol ive missed years of playing time so thats not quiet right. Also mostly my games dont go that long... long games are mostly boring.. i dont play game after game after game either.. so more fake news from black... probs have to say Blue is top player right now all considering ... come the furthest in the shortest amount of time Also to be fair. i never was a modder in any way. i play the odd mod map now and again. Altho this time round i have gotten to enjoy GSO and Blast from the Past, the only mods i will play as much as WW given the chance. Play a giants when lobby is quiet or really bored. otherwise its a quick blast on Red Alert!
  9. lol you only play me when ur namehiding. Namehide as Wonder so i take it easy, then you give it ur best diss, titan and expansion shot... and still come a crashing down... ill keep my bet with trz
  10. Wheres your pov vids gone? I remember seeing at least one when I first started getting back into it late 2016/17 time... I musta watched it a couple of times and then couldn't find it since. Think you had some rap tunage on it too?? Do you remember do any recordings yourself ?
  11. This is great keep it going, any more philosophers amongst us speak now or forever hold your pe.....
  12. Sweet that's looks like a old one
  13. Well you would... A common misperception ofcourse
  14. if c0rps is back ill start practicing my 1 ref again, i remember he always did love that
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