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  1. I got actually to about "rule" 3 but just boring rants... u got way too many rules (restrictions/stupidity) to bother entering "your game"... ill keep to TS with all its flaws and follies, ill figure it out
  2. activity is the main thing... up until the vet changes there wasn't even "prizes" - activity is key here, allow OG TS/FS allow the all the other "top mods" too, let every one who wants to play play on their preferred maps... lets get the games going again...
  3. I saw 3 ticks get bombed earlier.. they are supposed to be weaker tho they aren't titans... even just the names give it away... who do u thinks gonna be stronger.. a tic tank... lol or a titan? yeh remaster it all they like, itll be a new game... the RA on cncnet still seems to be cracking on...
  4. back to OG maps please, best all round for a ranked TS game, fix glitches fine, but don't mod the units further than the bare necessity... allow the mod maps but not the mod units/buildings... everyone knows what their dealing with then, no extras... just reject the ones you don't do...have we tried it with just one log? we probably should trial at the very least a month or 2 is a monthly ladder too long? what about a fortnightly/15 or 16 days depending on month type ladder?
  5. all those wanting vet clearly not really interested in the ranked matches... lets get back to some normality and some proper OG TS... as close to as possible... not off on some tangent of buffing nod/"balancing TS"/moddedtodeath ass maps
  6. is there gonna be another change this coming month or????? we going back to proper maps again or??? Trialing a 1 username only or??? activity dropped of the edge???
  7. if you spread them better they wouldnt get raped so badly tho.. anything in a group gets smashed if bombed... ticks and some other things more so than others
  8. tics are quicker than titans tho, or maybe recon bikes... or artillery.. maybe just roll your tics right into the titans before deploying so bombs titans some too.. or a sub or two with rocket inf after your recon bikes got bombed.. or bans and arts.. TSplayer used to use tics alot always made me laugh altho good if sat in as base defence... its all about combinations and trump cards...
  9. its true its a nod+ map, i didnt say OP.. mainly a nod buff map thats all im saying... its funny when ticks gets blown to high water with a bomber, like mlrs n stuff too.. makes you wonder why you sent them in such a compromised position knowing their weakness
  10. call a spade a spade right its a mod They should allow for classic TS
  11. a bomber blows up tick tanks? old news
  12. yeh and look how FS went to shit lol
  13. tweaks are bad hmmmmm k they are ok if you want to borg rush on the NOD+ maps, just keep them as the NODMOD+ maps and that will be fine
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