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  1. Tibermach


    Cool was gonna upvote that blue but I cannot due to some restrictions here. Would be good fun to have clans back. And even just a small 2v2 tourny in the interim.
  2. I have to just say though, the poll is kneck and kneck right now.
  3. This really isn't an issue either way is it? I'm easy like Sunday morning Black will get his ass kicked, name hiding or not... it's very easy to tell that its him when hiding too.. so yeah whatevz man. I can see why people might wanna namehide. It helps to see history though when people can use another players login like Holland and trulaggerz more recently.. Trz ended up with tiger and c0rps Logs rofl confuses shit for a moment until you check...
  4. Ender stopped playing rank cus of all the map changes from OG TS. There you go. He played a lot of matches but hardly anything was original. I've not seen him play since. You say about community but you wont play with people 'you don't like' those out of your circle? Fair enough makes sense to me. Theres not that many players to choose from anymore and if theres 4 players of roughly the same level then it doesn't make much difference who you team with. Just adapt... And this change map topic is very similar to change units or game etc etc so not really off topic. Same shit different topic... Weapon wants to fix... I actually started off by saying it doesn't need a fix just build an mcv.... should of been closed there and then if that's the case.
  5. Nah it's cool I'm just having a laugh and do agree with everything you say man. Black you should go create your own TS Mod Game it might take off.. and at least its another alternative to the classic ... if you had a ladder I might play it still as I understand what you want to create with your equality model TS. I would still wanna play the OG tho as it wouldn't be as boring.
  6. Face palm! How rude! Get over yourself lol BBG is blacks favourite map. Go play the mod maps. We will keep to the OG. That's fairs. And yes, the fun and intelligible part of the art of playing TS, is your tactics and game plans for overcoming advantages and disadvantages. Hence NOD/GDI. Hence map variances. Hence unit variances/abilities/strengths and weaknesses. Your a feminist right?
  7. Your analogy sucks really hard. This is not UFC lol. Nothing alike. And you have as much chance of the TS TITLE as anyone else, on 1, 2 or 3 logs. Only if your good enough and play enough games ofcourse. You know when do you want to implement a games limit per month? Think your just gunning for a knockout tournament of sorts rather than a rank ladder for a game. TS isn't a blood sport. Unless you have multiple computers you ain't gonna play vs yourself... and if you do then that is the definition of abuse. That would be classed as cheating, wouldn't it? And yeah allowing people to play easy/experimental on another log I would hazard a guess will increase games played. Maybe they just wanna quick game.... this multi log system allows for that option. It allows for playing other maps you don't play on your main etc. Theres a multitude of reasons. Heck if you was good enough you could have rank 1, 2 and 3. But nevermind, keep on about how your just not good enough to compete.
  8. The fun of not knowing who your playing rofl guess who? Try harder.
  9. The players remaining will play vet wont they. Every change seems to loose current players and/or stop old players from returning.
  10. Rofl not all me. My first new log was Trigger. Before then I always used steel0re until it wanted a verification email which I cant get to. Hence the Trigger log. Then steelcore remake and ir0nudown. Then it became clear you and wuss had about 10 logs each so I made a few more to piss about with too. Check all other previous months, bar the last 3 and only ever used steelc0re same log every month.
  11. Yes. More nod players say NOD is fine. More than the amount of NOD players who say it's not. Where is the council of NOD players that say NOD isn't capable? Crying wolf's.
  12. When did alt get changed? I never used v ... I use v now for pasting my building down... lmfao This is it though, so many changes already... how far from TS does it go? How much nostalgia to loose. The changes for placing buildings and repeat last building I think came from out of nowhere... all of a sudden space bar kept bringing up a screen in front of the game... and I was like wtf is this how do I get rid of it argghhh lol then I had to assign my keys and use the new function to keep up with others.
  13. I always only used one. Only when you and wuss started multiplying and when the ladder got changed to having to verify email address did I have to make a new one. And then I made a few more to join in and piss about lol. At least the ladder looked a bit busier, and essentially was encouraging more people to play.
  14. There you go. Welcome back old man haha. Yeah TL fix was before my time. Since I've been back that's the only map which was played. I've just had to accept that otherwise I wouldn't have started playing again at all. Just because these changes have been made previously doesn't mean they should be implemented as a permanent thing. Original TS should always be kept the same. Then you can make your mod maps for your fixes as has always been the case. You know I don't mind the allow ally control because that's something which can be on or off so it's a choice which players can agree upon before game. The only thing is it appears these mod maps (and ally control etc) sneak their way into every day play eventually and then kill the game for old skooler ww players, which is the biggest shame of it all really. I mean you really needn't have made a topic about having this map changed. Just have a private word with a modder to get your fix. It doesn't need a permanent fix. Its not broken. Just get them to put 2 versions in the ladder again.... Or, with some maps is it possible to get an automatic rematch? So the game ends and starts a new one right after the end screen with the positions swapped?
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