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  1. leblanc

    background image is distorted

    When I play Ra2 mode, the viewer's right background image is distorted... like this
  2. leblanc

    How to make a Random Map

    like single player-skirmish-customize battle-random map
  3. another model also..
  4. leblanc

    Ra2 Mode - the discussion

    Make ra2-spawn rather than fix bugs.
  5. leblanc

    Where to download the CNCNET source?

    Currently closed source for the most part (clients and other pieces). What are you after exactly and why? I am very curious about the principle of CNCNET.How to enter the game directly,and how to read the map information outside the game?Please forgive my liberty,I've been looking for a long time to read the map, but no results. :D
  6. I see the CNCNET is a open source project,but where to download the recent CNCNET source?GitHub?Not the latest.
  7. leblanc

    Localizing the YR client - need your help

    I can put it into the offical Traditional Chinese.Now the Traditional Chinese is only transform by the Simplified Chinese.But I can't edit the form.
  8. leblanc

    How to play Yuri's Revenge in the window

    Thanks a lot!
  9. leblanc

    How to play Yuri's Revenge in the window

    I believe, on CnCNet YR that's not possible right now. Normally though, you should be able to either right click the game and run as Windowed, or you run the game via -win parameter (can't remember which). Thanks a lot,but it is infeasible...
  10. I want to chat with my friends when I play Yuri,how to play Yuri's Revenge in the window?