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  1. Don't require a web designer thanks though.
  2. Ladder requires: 1. API to handle game results, and accounts. 2. A quickmatch client 3. Main Client updates to integrate with quickmatch client, and accounts. 4. Website for ladder. Number 2 I can't do.
  3. There may be some custom backgrounds that can be chosen at some point in the future. Ideally we'd like to keep one theme as it's less maintenance. Up to @Tore whether he wants to make a separate theme.
  4. Hello, Have you installed CnCNet and now Origin has stopped working? If so, you can move ddraw.dll to the Resources folder, and your Origin version should work again.
  5. Hello, It could be your anti-virus blocking the file download and the client is unable to update. Check you have nothing blocking the client or temporarily disable your anti-virus/firewall and retry updating.
  6. Hello, This would tie into something like
  7. Hello, Welcome to our new CnCNet website. Further to our forums update the other week, we've now set our new website live too! Take a look! New features coming soon: Multi-lingual support New Player Online graphs New Live page Big thanks to everyone who helped out. @hifi @Tore @tomsons26 @FunkyFr3sh @Speeder @Ferret Let us know what you think, and if you spot something out of place or incorrect, let us know.
  8. Hello - please tag which game you are referring to?
  9. That's a good point they aren't right now, but will be again soon.
  10. @xe3 @[email protected] @corman should address the problems you have been having. That might be the reason. Thanks!
  11. @corman might be worth giving it half an hour or so before trying again and waiting for cache to clear.
  12. Hello, Try downloading it manually's Revenge/ And placing it in your Maps/Yuri's Revenge folder. It could just be cache.
  13. Welcome @Volkovich hope you enjoy online!
  14. Many thanks to @Aro again for this map update. Fixed location markers on several map previews Added fixed version of [4] Snow Valley that removes known movement bugs Added several new maps [2] Pirate Bay [2] Reconcile [2] Strobe [2] Thin Ice [4] Alaskan Outback [4] Caverns of Siberia [4] Coldest Peak [4] Divide and Conquer [4] Golden State Valley [4] Jungle of Vietnam [4] Lakeside Plateaus [4] Lowlands [4] North Waves [6] Magma [8] Clover [8] Hex Bay
  15. Think everyone should just calm down a little bit, from what I can see it's a question from Dutchy, he didn't point the blame at anyone. So let someone who knows reply, aka @FunkyFr3sh. Any more off topic ramble like the above will be removed.