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  1. Please keep to the topic at hand, if you want to discuss this open a new thread. Cheers!
  2. Hello - there is an RA2 option within the Yuri's Revenge download, which is a bit confusing but it's there. When you create a game via the CNCNet client, you will see the option to enable Red Alert 2 in the options.
  3. A remaster to me (personally): Gameplay should remain true to it's original release. Sharpening up, making those graphics really true high definition. By all means update the UI, like the sidebar, the main menus, but be careful with the order/structure of where items live in that sidebar. Will really break that muscle memory if things are moved too much. Keep the original music, and/or add additions but it's gotta be by the great Frank Klepacki
  4. A Remastered C&C could be on it's way! Read at CNCNZ.com for the full announcement: BREAKING: Jim Vessella Confirms EA's Interest In PC C&C Titles What and why has this forum been made? EA wants to listen to your views on a Remastered C&C. This forum is designed to allow you to give your views to some of the questions EA_Jimtern asked on our Discord channel just yesterday. As we get more questions in, we'll be posting them here for you to reply. Remember to keep your posts relevant to the question being asked.
  5. Grant

    Clan ladder

    I have just been told in private that I'm responding like an individual on XWIS... so here's a more detailed response to, "can we have a clan ladder". The current status of big and new projects like this, is that no-one (that I currently know of) can put 100% of their spare time into making something like this right now. We're just too stretched on other stuff, you've heard it all before we don't need to list shit off. So here's what we'll be doing in the meantime: We will look to advertise for some extra developers to join the CnCNet team. It's needed, we're light, have been for a while, however this has always proved difficult in the past and rarely brings up anyone. The games are old, finding someone who is skilled enough, that: want's to work on a project in their spare time and really care enough to work on it all the way to the end is a deal breaker. Nonetheless, there's no harm in trying to look, so watch out and share the post around when you see it. If we get some extra dev's on board, we'll then reconsider and map out what a clan ladder might look like internally (how to go about creating one). If the project is going to get the green light and we have the resource there, we'll hook up an open donation pool for those working on the project, like a gofundme of sorts, that if you guys want to support them, you can do. Open to hearing other options if you guys have them, will respond accordingly.
  6. Grant

    Clan ladder

    Let's be realistic too 😉
  7. Grant

    Clan ladder

    An extra pair of experienced web dev and c++ developers coming to help would no doubt benefit situations like these.
  8. Grant

    Clan ladder

    Unfortunately, just like the RA2 response the other day, it is a similar response to this one too. We'd love to add a clan ladder, and it's something we may look into in the near future, but right now it's not something we're going to be working on.
  9. Grant

    CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    4.19 Ignore Feature, see details here. @Grant and @Rampastring Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Moddb, and Discord buttons added back. - Thanks to @Roooo for pointing it out. Fixed custom maps showing up in Battle mode. Updated Installer with 4.19 files
  10. Good news, an ignore feature is now coming to Yuri's Revenge. We heard you, and are now delivering an ignore feature to block messages you no longer want to see. Many thanks go out to @Rampastring for his help in this feature. Features Blocks a user from contacting you via the client. (Via private messaging or lobbies) Hides messages from the user, but shows you that they have typed something. Message from a blocked user Blocked User Icon Where to block/unblock a user
  11. Grant

    So many odd changes

    The YR client was orignally forked from the main GitHub source. Updates became tricky to maintain, so now the YR client is as the GitHub source. This means that some features like this were lost since it didn't exist in the original source. It's something we'll look at adding back at some point, but other features are taking priority over others. I'm not sure sure on this one, maybe @dkeeton or @tomsons26 can help answer this one. Again same applies, with @dkeeton or @tomsons26
  12. Grant

    YR Lobby Moderators needed

    Thanks for your PM's, I'll keep this open for a little longer until decisions are made.
  13. Grant

    Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]

    It's good fun, and unique.