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  1. Great - thanks for testing this one with me . Bug confirmed. Should have this in an update tomorrow.
  2. Believe @dkeeton can help you with the specifics needed. In the meantime you could try CrossOver - I've used that previously and has worked great. (Think there's a free trial you can test with)
  3. Added - please read the instructions carefully in the private forum. Thanks
  4. Hello and welcome. Glad you're enjoying CnCNet. The new ladder has been under development since early February this year. The progress is slow at times but has come along way since. If you would like to help us test what we have so far - you can request to be a tester - Currently there is guarantee or an ETA of a release. P.s @Marsh Trying to keep the link just for testers for the moment
  5. New record for Mental Omega today. Congratulations guys! 237 simultaneous players online.
  6. Also adding to Funky's comment, let us know which tunnel you tried and worked so we know.
  7. Any volunteers for tutorials maps shown above? The tutorial text is implemented in the latest version above. [Tutorial] trigger_key=insert your text here
  8. This is one sure way to not again any new players, we should be helping the newer players not putting a target on their back.
  9. Nice! Great quality too.
  10. Please keep it civil guys, we're here to have fun. There is no need to pollute topics with petty stuff, you're all amazing at the game in different ways, move on, play, have fun, repeat.
  11. Come on CnCNet. Get your act together. Don't make me login... On another note it would be cool to feature this properly on a webpage somewhere
  12. Think you've found a bug there, will take a look soon.