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  1. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    This is true, we are still in an alpha testing period so feel free to experiment with different setups @FReQuEnZy @XXxPrePxX @ZiGZaG
  2. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    Great post. 10/10. We shall just take this on board and do absolutely nothing about it.
  3. checking for updates failed click to retry

    Hello, Have you checked the firewalls or antivirus apps that could be blocking the updates?
  4. Reporting some issues with YR

    Have you recently updated windows? Could you check your graphics card drivers are up to date?
  5. How to record games

  6. How to record games

    OBS with display capture or window capture, not game capture.
  7. RA2 networked on Win7 machines?

    Great if you have any problems we're here to help, so just shout.
  8. Dam that Ore miner drop on the refinery is brutal.
  9. Graphic Card Issue

    @Ry4n you can play non-ranked games in the meantime if you didn't know. Just click the "CnCNet" button.
  10. CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    3.66 QM bug changes - Credit: @dkeeton
  11. RA2 networked on Win7 machines?

    Hello, Quickest way would be to use our client. There's an online option if you have internet, but also a LAN option too. https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2
  12. CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    3.65 QM bug fixes - Credit: @dkeeton
  13. Question about ladder

    Your skill is shown by your badge. The badge is not represented by your points anymore. It's representing your skill.
  14. kaboom eror

    Hello, We need some additional information to help you out. In order for us to work out your issue, we will require your client.log file. Please attach it to your reply. Finding your client.log file: Navigate to your Red Alert 2 folder. This is where CnCNet is installed. Look for the folder called "Client" Inside this folder, there will be a file called client.log
  15. CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    3.74 Potential fixes for Hard AI bug - credit: @Rampastring Potential fixes for connection bug - credit: @Rampastring Frame Send Limit added to game - credit: @dkeeton New Renderer added - DDRAW Compat Quick match updates - credit: @dkeeton