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  1. If it was the old search that's been fixed today. Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean Again relates to 1 but the search going down wasn't intentional and hadn't had a chance to look until today. Maps are fine nothing was deleted.
  2. Watch and listen to the video on the C&C Subreddit. Jim's message with this update below.
  3. Grant

    starting over

    If you haven't already, download the CnCNet client and run the game from the client - https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2 (Once you've installed this, you can also play campaign as you would normally via Origin).
  4. Nickname limit has now been increased to 3 for this month.
  5. September updates - release notes Increases TS nick limit per month to 3 Auto assigns active handle in QM month if one hasn't been selected in account page. Auto deactivates handles not within the current month ready for new selection in account page.
  6. He can post too - they'll be approved by staff, before they're visible to everyone.
  7. Grant

    update problem

    Hi - please see here https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6866-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-69945
  8. Hi - to get playing right away try running Resources\clientxna.exe There will be an update shortly (5.1) that should detect your situation and show a dialogue like this
  9. Grant

    Problem with update 5.0

    Hi guys, looks like .NET 4.5 is now needed, go to the official Microsoft site and install here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=30653
  10. Grant

    Problem with update 5.0

    Hi Tazar what is the error you get?
  11. 5.0 Note this is a major version change, if you cannot see any games in the lobby it is because players have not yet updated to the latest version. Big kudos to @Rampastring and the contributors of his XNA CnCNet Client for maintaining updates. Changelog Improved window opening effects and improved listbox scrolling, listboxes can now display partial items Friend icon and blocked user icon do not get refreshed immediately when adding a friend or blocking a user Blocking user does not block private messages Updater does not close the Client and hangs Ignore feature and blocking channel admins/moderators Fullscreen Client does not always correctly resize itself after a game ends Other misc bug fixes 5.1 Detect DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error and provide XNA playable option Known Bugs in this release Colour dropdown half draws
  12. Read full announcement The latest Remasters update shows the new Mission select screen. What do you think? Tell us below ⬇️⬇️
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