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  1. Grant

    I am tired of this life

    Hope things get better for you man. Keep making the videos, you're doing great and don't worry what anyone else is doing, just keep doing what you enjoy.
  2. Grant

    CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    Updated missing credit on last update - Special thanks to @Chrono Vortex for the new Game Modes (Demolition and Capture the flag)
  3. Should Multi-engineering be forced on in Yuri's Revenge Competitive Games? Voting is anonymous (to the public)
  4. Alting in Yuri's Revenge Competitive Games, how effective is it still? Answer in the polls. Voting is anonymous (to the public)
  5. Grant

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    Good idea
  6. CnCNet Question: How to up-vote or down-vote on replies - Read here Questions will automatically close after 2 weeks. Questions are about Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert since the latest announcement - Read here Note: Unless question topics are tagged by an EA tag, this question is not from EA and is from CnCNet. Let your voice be heard! Join in on the discussion on Twitter! Or alternatively on Facebook!
  7. Grant

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    How is alting taken now with are changes to it? Is it still used just as much or less? How opposed would people be to have MultiEngineer on for a month to trial it?
  8. Multi engineer was never an original game option in YR. You can check for your self by loading up gamemd.exe or Yuri.exe
  9. Grant

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Don't recall saying that...
  10. Grant

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    That's not what I'm saying, no. There is evidence behind your bans on XWIS like there is here, however in this case, there isn't any.
  11. Grant

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Not sure I follow, where was I comparing XWIS to CnCNet Zain? Maybe I wasn't clear, I was saying... XWIS also processes a report the same way we do, if there is no conclusive evidence, no action is taken.
  12. Grant

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Hi Prep - there was inconclusive evidence on this report of pushing. We're not going to start handing out bans or ladder resets or whatever the punishment would have been, if we can't conclusively prove it, despite how obvious it may appear to some. On some comment I saw somewhere, "on XWIS it would be proven", is also rubbish. When I was working with XWIS in the time I was there, it was always about conclusive evidence, in this case, there was not.
  13. Grant

    Just a warning on playing custom maps

    Yep you are right. There are a lot of maps. I think more of a client side map cheat detection is going to have be thought about more than a whitelist. How possible and feasible that is yet is still unknown, yet to be R&D'd.
  14. Grant

    RA2 YR running in slow motion

    Have you tried running Default? That will not include a renderer when you play (and will replicate what you are experiencing when you play without CnCNet)
  15. Grant

    DTA Client update waiting forever

    It seems to be a bug indeed and hoepfully one we can resolve soon. You did the right thing by killing the DTA client in the task manager to proceed with the update. Logged it in our issue tracker: https://github.com/CnCNet/xna-cncnet-client/issues/84