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  1. What I like the most is the attention to detail, like I love the little huts with the campfire in the middle. Great job really! BTW, when this map renders in the YR client it's huge. See attached, not sure if this an editor bug or something?
  2. Thanks - I've updated the page to include a link to TT scripts.
  3. What was the idea? The main idea was to give something back to the community. We always get asked if we can feature someones content, but there wasn't an easy and manageable way for us to do this on our website before. So now, any videos we see on YouTube that we give a "like" to, will be featured automatically, pulled straight from our "Liked Videos" and added to our Staff Picks section. In addition to videos, we've also added an area to highlight other community C&C Facebook pages. Currently the number of pages displayed initially is 3, it is then randomly cycled on page load. There is also an option to load more pages. What else will there be on this page? We're open to suggestions on what else you would like to see on this page, so if you have any ideas please let us know. How can I get featured? If you have a C&C Facebook page you would like to be featured, you can PM any of the team and we'll look at adding you to the community page. If we like one of your YouTube videos, we'll simply like it from our account and it will appear on the community page. When will I see this community page? I don't see anything right now. Usually it takes a couple of hours for the cache (from the time of this post) to clear before you'll see all of the new changes. (Including the new staff picks section)
  4. Instructions are in the private forum anyway if you get stuck just post there. Cheers
  5. That map appears fine for me under the "Standard" game mode?
  6. A new addition to the homepage includes a featured videos section, currently showcasing the latest videos from our official YouTube channel. We'll also be looking to feature some video content from the community channels too, though this is not yet implemented.
  7. Looks like a nice map - thanks for sharing
  8. Updated the list (It may take a couple of hours from the time of this post to update).
  9. Still need lots more testers, please come forward if you're interested in helping.