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  1. Hey sorry to hear that, hopefully this will get the update working.
  2. Hey make sure you're on the same client version (E.g both on version 6.3)
  3. Grant

    ra2 on windows ten?

    Failing to get it setup with your bro, he's what I would do personally. I recommend CD keys because you can often find the games a fraction of the price as opposed to going direct - it's a legitimate and legal company so no worry there. This step will save you forking out £24 too. Buy a digital copy of the ultimate collection via CD Keys (Currently £6) - https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-edition-pc Once received (you'll receive the code from them via email), redeem the code in the EA Origin store You'll then permantently have access to the ultimate collection via Origin. Download RA2 & Yuri's Revenge Install CnCNet and you'll be up and running
  4. Hello, Go to your CnCNet directory Look for the folder called "Maps" Inside the Maps folder, look for the "Custom" folder. Place any custom maps in there. Note for Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge, the file extension must be a ".map"
  5. This update mainly sees the introduction of two new community submitted themes, a big thanks to Martin (@RaVaGe) for his contributions on these two new themes. For future change logs, you can always visit our GitHub releases page. Bug fix to update Sedona Pass (Mega Wealth) #7 New Client themes added by @RaVaGe Update to Custom/maps.txt instructing .map files only. How to change your theme Open the CnCNet Client Make sure your version is on >= 6.2 Go to Options and select Display Under "Client Theme" select the theme you want. Allied Theme Soviet Theme
  6. Ha! I don't think we're ever at risk of being bought out. It's 2k but you know what it's not 10k or 50k. I think we'd raise eyebrows if it reached that point but it's still too small hat. I do know however know that Jim (from EA) supports the community and what we are doing (including us, and others of course - like OpenRA etc) so there's no problem there.
  7. The Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge downloads from our site are both the same. There is an RA2 mode you can enable in the CnCNet client. As for a free download, please read here on what's deemed as freeware and what is not: https://cncnet.org/buy
  8. Grant

    HELP :(

    Hey so if you download from our site, usually the fixes get applied automatically. If you're still having trouble - you will need to change the renderer to one that works for you (Which takes a bit of trial and error).
  9. Yes that's the one - it is but you can also upload it to virustotal to be safe if you wish! https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home The client is also open source to give you some peace of mind. https://github.com/CnCNet/xna-cncnet-client Hmm that might be a bit tricky. Your maps custom maps folder may have remained, it's worth double checking where you had the game installed and browser to it with windows explorer. Could try also searching for .map extensions, it may turn up somewhere? Failing all of that, you can probably find most of your maps online (just type in the search the name and it should appear) https://mapdb.cncnet.org/search/?game=yr&search=
  10. Grant


    It could be a certain map you're playing is triggering something the game doesn't like. Do you get reconnection errors after an hour on normal maps? Other things that could trigger this is attempting to run cheats, that will usually make it fall over.
  11. Grant

    Joining the team?

    Hey there - come say hello in #developers in our discord channel. https://cncnet.org/discord
  12. Hello - the client will need admin privileges to save your settings and logs etc. (Run CnCNetYRLauncher.exe as administrator). You should already be prompted to give it privileges when running.
  13. Grant

    ra2 on windows ten?

    Hey - I agree (I love RA2 & YR - my favourite games). To confirm - do you have the game installed on your Windows 10 computer already? If you don't already have Yuri's Revenge installed - install that in addition to RA2 and then run the CnCNet installer. CnCNet client will require Yuri's Revenge to be installed too!
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