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  1. I do not believe I am speaking to any of you from MPF community(r3surr3Kt|x| / Genesis2001) , I am speaking to the guys here, who would not listen back then. Funny how the gamespy stuff was given to WhiteDragon, WhiteDragon threw it on Cronus' servers...now it's magically "ran by me".
  2. Do you guys have personal messaging turned off? Here and Xwis is the same that way. http://i.imgur.com/9ywk80Y.jpg Is there any reason why I was worried about this whole fiasco? Gee, it might be the "ran by me" bullshit.
  3. Trojan and myself run the 2nd to last Renegade community called Rencorner(Whitedragon is our dev, Manuel is the Admin). Is there anyway that both(or any other community that may come along after us all) Rencorner and MPF can chip in to pay you guys to keep hosting it? If it's cheap enough, I'd pay you up a year, MPF can pay the next year. I've already heard Cronus will be running it on his servers, and I will not trust that guy with anything, let alone in control of anything Renegade related. There's only one way to make Renegade future proof: is to have it out of everyone's hands. Something other than the current arrangement is needed.
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