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  1. The beginning of Lone Rider is nearly impossible. As soon as you reach your Construction Yard you get rushed by GDI units. It took a lot of save state abuse to get the Construction Yard and sell it as well as capturing the refinery without dying. Is the Chinook thing random? Sometimes the Rocket Soldiers land at the base and sometimes they land in the top left corner which = loss.
  2. Countdown is the correct mission name. Are the Artillery just for decoration then?
  3. Search and Destroy: The AI doesn't seem to pressure me as much as they usually do in your missions. I don't know if that's intended or not since the mission is labeled medium difficulty. I think the player has too much Tiberium nearby as well. I had more money than I could spend. Also, the AI built a lot of stealth tanks in the western base but never did anything with them. I don't know their script is broken or they got stuck. Rock and A hard place: Two of the Mammoth tanks that are at the starting location are enemies despite having the player color. Peacekeepers: The three AI Artillery at the start don't work. You can shoot at them but they'll just sit there and not attempt to return fire. The only sign of life they have is then hopelessly trying to evade Grenadier fire.
  4. In the case of Behind Enemy Lines you may need to redesign the base layout. The AI got stuck REALLY easily with how fast they were building units.
  5. Do you think adding a timer to trigger the AI to start base production for some missions would be unreasonable? There are a few missions where you start with a decent bit of units and you're suppose to find/escort an mcv or base. However, I noticed in a few missions you can completely ignore finding your base and MCV and wreck the AI base before they start spamming units and then while they're weakened or distracted you can start building your base. I did it on Behind Enemy Lines as GDI. I roamed around scouting the map before I bothered to touch my MCV picking off random nod units. I found an AI harvester and destroyed it then the few remaining random units on the map rushed toward my 3 Mammoth Tanks and I cut them down. After that I grabbed my MCV and started building a base and camped the Tiberium Field with my Mammoth Tanks and the AI was out of money and completely helpless before I had spent my starting 5000 credits. I did this on Overlooked as well. It took more tries but the general Idea was to take down the Guard Towers at the east GDI base andpark all of my starting units except a NOD buggy inside the empty and dormant GDI base. I took my second buggy and move it outside of the base. Once I did that I ordered my remaining units to take down the production buildigns before getting swarmed. While that happened I sent my second buggy down to my base and spammed units to defeat what remained of the GDI starting map units then crushed the base.
  6. Plausible deniability was a cool mission. Pretty easy since you get infinite units and such but I liked the concept. Even though it was one of the easiest missions it was was still frustrating because of the game's garbage path finding. My units kept going around cliffs the wrong way and getting cut down. Path finding is always a problem in the game but this was like the worst.
  7. I usually use infantry early because they're spammable and cost efficient and because Turrets are more expensive and take much longer to setup but Turrets are so much more effective once you get a few up. Turrets with a few Flamethrowers work really well too. The Turrets take care of any vehicles and the Flamethrowers clean up infantry. I never build Obelisks. They're completely worthless. since the AI always has Ion Cannon and will just instantly kill them thus wasting all my time and money. Sam Sites are worthless too. The delay they have before coming out of the ground makes them completely ineffective at dealing with Air Strikes and they're not needed for Orcas since the AI never uses them offensively. You can just cheese and put a sacrifice unit in a corner somewhere to deal with Air Strikes. A group of 5 Rocket Soldiers can also take down one instantly.
  8. These missions are great so far. As someone who has really only played single player these are pretty tough but the challenge is fun. I've had to play and think in ways I never have before. I also realized that Light Tanks suck. I haven't been building them at all since since Rocket Soldiers are so much more efficient for removing Medium Tanks. I've also been spamming buggies for infantry control and having to make a gank squad of Recon Bikes so I can starve out the AI by shutting down their Harvesters. One game I even made a barrier of Turrets + Artillery(something I've never barely found a use for besides sniping AGTs) behind them for turtling.
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