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  1. Ehh... I have to go through and update my download link. I caught some bugs that needed a fixin' but I haven't gotten around to posting the updated mission pack yet. The single player community has been inactive for about 3 months now so didn't feel a sense of urgency.
  2. Yooooo, anybody still out there? I'm looking to pack all of my missions into a mix file for easier storage, How would I go about doing this?
  3. Tiberian Dawn - Orca Assault (single player)

    Grove's bringing all these dead posts back into the spotlight, showing me missions I never saw before. This is a tough mission to get into, the intro is brutal. I agree with everybody else though, the pace slows down once the players gets their base established and secures the perimeter. Very well made map, unique, challenging and fully functional. A+
  4. Glad to hear Lightning! Let me know what you think, and enjoy!
  5. (New) C&C RAED Map Editor Questions

    Didn;t you post this in another thread already? I swear somebody just answered this
  6. RA1 mission in need of repair

    There is already a team that uses the "Patrol" command, they don't work either. They stop short and don't follow their final waypoint. I don;t want them to ignore distractions because I'd like them to engage targets along their path. Did that work for you?
  7. RA1: The Curious case of the Gun Turret

    It worked, thank you!
  8. RA1 mission in need of repair

    Hey everybody. I recently dove into mission making for Red Alert (the original) and I'd like some help. I created a simple base assault mission in RAED and thus far everything works except for my team types. For some reason, the teams the AI creates don;t follow their waypoints, they kind of just roam randomly before clumping up in the corner of the map. The teams in question are every team used by house Greece, with the exception of QRF1. For example: Name: AUTO1 Owner: Greece Priority: 7 Max: 0 Num: 1 WayPoint: -1 Team: Rifle Infantry 4 Light Tank 3 Ranger 1 Orders: 0 Move to waypoint... 5 1 Move to waypoint... 6 2 Attack... Anything Options: Only autocreate AI uses this team type. House's IQ is set to 4 and the teams have been set up the same way they are in the original missions I've attached the mission file, could somebody take a look and tell me what I did wrong? CMU101EA.ini
  9. RA1: The Curious case of the Gun Turret

    Im not using Portable RA, I'm using the download from this site that comes with the custom mission package. For me, general.mix is packed inside MAIN.mix, and I didnt see Mplayer inside it.
  10. RA1: The Curious case of the Gun Turret

    No such ini exists
  11. So I modified the Rules.INI and the Aftermath.INI file to change the prices of just about everything. All of the changes took effect with the exception of the turret, whos price defiantly remains at $800. It doesn't matter what I change the price to, it always stays at 800. Any thoughts?
  12. Custom Theaters crash game.

    So IDK if you've figured it out already, but all you need to do is drop the new MIX files into your RA folder and the game will run. They're not in their by default, even with the new CNCNET RA download package. Download the Discovert operations package and grab the DESERT.MIX, BARREN.MIX, and CAVE.MIX files and simply drop them inti your RA installation folder. You don't need to move the rest of the discovert ops stuff.
  13. Rather quiet around here...
  14. 6 new missions have been deployed. Time to go to work! Feeback plz