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  1. Any custom mission can use numbers 899-999, but Nyer has stated that its good practice to use the numbers past 899 for mini-campaigns.
  2. Thats correct. My missions are stand-alone and can be used in any slot between and 100-999. I forget which slots work best for mini-campaigns.
  3. Same. Sticcky usually forces the unit to hibernate and ignore the initial attack. Perhaps the tank was created as a team and then given the sticky waypoint?
  4. I typically use a U1 of 15 for teams unless there's another house in play, then i Use 30 so the team won;t stop dead in their tracks in another house is attacked. I remember people speculating that the U1 has something to do with build priority too so I always assign autocreate teams the same U1 so they get built equally. I typically don't link them, I didn't really recognize any significant difference in the behavior of linked and unlinked teams. I caught that Westwood links theirs though, so I migh try it again with autocreate teams only.
  5. If you guys can figure out a way to get custom theaters in, I can guarantee you another 50+ maps. I've got some more in the pipe already. Pertaining to Nariac's chicken egg theory, it'd make sense for the tiles to come first. As with any system, you have to have the raw material in place before you build anything. In this case, the graphics are the raw material, and they've already been made. Somebody just needs to group them into tiles to be used in the XCC map editor.
  6. Lol I just used this name in my last mission pack. I don't know how is taken this for people to realize " hey Tha would be a perfect name for a CNC mission." Sincerely going to give this one a playthrough, your nod m missions have all been top notch!
  7. I can't see a difference. Better screenshot maybe???
  8. To those of us familiar with Tiberian Dawn modding and mission editing , the U1 value is a wild and mysterious value used in AI team building that has been the bane of C&C map makers since the dawn of mission making. Nyerguds and MattAttack have devoted a great deal of time exploring this function, but I still find myself lost when it comes to this thing and its relationship with the "link" command. I end up just using a U1 of 15 for all my teams and it always works well enough. I suggest a superthread for content creators to share there findings while we try to master this ominous and mysterious function. Heres what we know so far: Common values used in Westwood's missions are 7, 15, 20, and 30. The higher the number, the more responsive the team is to attacks from other units. Teams with a U1 of 7 don't attack targets along the way to their waypoints. a team with a U1 of 15 does. Link appears to force units to stay close together, often moving as a group to waypoints. All teams are linked in the campaign. Here is a link to a video MattAttack made explaining everything he knows about the U1 button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRpWrM17NpU Let the discussion begin. I will update this page as information pours in.
  9. Combat Mechanic is based on armor and damage tables. Different weapons do different amounts of damage to different types of armor. Each unit type has its own weapon and armor set. Basic common knowledge is to be used when choosing a loadout... I.E. a torpedo cannot be used against aircraft. Players will be able to design their own with a set list of components but there are a total of 500 available combinations players can design. Now that the game is Computer-Based, the map size is TBD but there will be different sizes. Depending on the map and game type, games can range from 10 minutes to an hour. I don't know what RPS means. I managed to cram 5 whole RTS's into the game. Its packed full of RTS. There's so much RTS it's spilling out of the side like a fat guy in skinny jeans. No play testers... hasn't gotten to that stage. None of them will be blind, but at least one of them will have a beard.
  10. That's what I've been saying! You've got enough maps to do it, and you certainly put a lot of love into your work. Combined, you and I could probably release a 100 mission expansion . The... NarStar pack? We'll work on that name...
  11. As it turns out, I AM making my own game from scratch. It's a turn-based modern military strategy game built on a hex grid. I've typed up the manual for it and everything. It started as a very simply board game similar to Axis and Allies, but it evolved into a Flash game the more complex it became. It's heavily inspired by games like Advance Wars, Wargame: Red Dragon. I'd say its sort of a spiritual successor to Advance Wars (My brothers and I played it a lot as kids, and It bothered me that nobody made anything like it in years). I've been putting art for the units up on DeviantArt (for lack of a better medium) This is what it looks like so far. http://dietdoctorsprite.deviantart.com/art/Development-Concept-Art-02-677052577 Primary game modes are Skirmish and Conquest so far. (Deathmatch / territory capture similair to COH)
  12. God, I would LOVE a chance to work with some new tile sets. Nariac's suggested updates to the existing Temperate and Snow tile sets would be a very welcome addition as well but Nyer's right, there is no editor out there capable of supporting new tiles. We would need to add them into the XCC editor AND modify the base game... a massive undertaking indeed. I doubt it would ever happen.
  13. Hmm... thats both interesting and unfortunate. I use the "Special" house quite often, its imperative to some of the missions I've put up. I don't know how differently some missions will play without that house, I'd have to go through and review the importance of the faction in each mission, but its clearly important in Powder Keg.
  14. Looks like somebody tinkered with the map . I didn't put a construction yard there!