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  1. Has anybody taken the time to dive into the new editor yet? Theres seems to be a lack of discussion around the new editor and the trigger / teamtype scripting. Its clearly not 1-1 transition from XCC to the Remasteredl evel editor.
  2. I'm getting Chem vibes from Chrons here. Anyway, Chimas. I've started porting my custom missions over to the new remastered editor so I can test the logic. For the most part, it appears all the map data and logic is preserved. However, I've noticed that I can't open my team types in the remastered editor, I get a table error crash. The autocreate teams don't appear to work out of the gate. I saw you've posted some of the huge collection on the Steam workshop. Have you noticed the remaster breaking any of the missions you've uploaded?
  3. Now that the game is out, has anyone confirmed the OP's fears? IS the harvester and unit targeting AI still the same?
  4. Well boys and girls, the hour is finally upon us. The remaster has been live for almost 24 hours now and the C&C fans are swarming out of the woodwork. Yesterday, we saw over 40 thousand players online at its peak, skyrocketing C&C to the top of the steam sales charts. With this re-surge in popularity, we're going to see a lot of talent return to the C&C community and I figure I'd get the conversation rolling. I've already seen some people start conversations on Steam regarding updating TIberian Dawn map sizes and AI logic to the Red Alert standard, so I figured I'd try to get the ball rolling here as well. Please use this space to collect your thoughts and share what you've learned from exploring the source code. I'll start by sharing some of my thoughts, from an amateur programmers prospective. 1. Do you modders feel it's possible, and worthwhile, to upgrade the max possible map size in TIberian Dawn remaster? 2. Is there any initiative to port over the snow and interior tile sets from Red Alert over to the Tiberian Dawn Remaster? OR the desert tileset to Red Alert? 3. Given that Red Alert's scripting capability and AI are more advanced in Red Alert, does anyone feel it would be beneficial to port all of the Tiberian Dawn assets into Red Alert in order to provide the capability for more advanced mission making in the Tiberian Dawn setting? As a secondary benefit, this would also allow for TD and RA factions to be used in the same game, similar to what they did with Dawn of The Tiberian Age. 4. Has anybody figured out where the unit attribute values are stored in either game? I've read articles claiming that Red Alert can be modified by importing a rules.ini file into the games main root folder. Sorry, duplicate thread. Please remove this one, the main post is in the Newer C&C games section
  5. Will we be getting a new forum section for the remasters or should we stick to the TD & RA1 forums for coversations around each respective game?
  6. @Chimas, thank you for all your hard work, and for keeping this discussion going! I know I have been a bit absent lately, but I'm excited to see what the community cooks up now that the source code is out in the wild. I started playing the Remaster last night and I've been extremely impressed so far. I fully plan to port my custom missions over to the Remaster once I get a chance to check out the mission editor and the file organization structure and figure out how to submit files to the workshop. Has anyone here tried to simply copy and paste the map and initialization files from a custom mission over to the remaster yet? Lifes been too busy and I havent had a chance to try it myself
  7. Does anybody still come around anymore? Have we al lmoved to another forum?
  8. There is no story linking these all together, I really don't have a plan to create a campaign either. There are a few planned missions that will play off one another, but I'm nowhere near ready to start working on them. Thanks for the feedback though, glad you like them. Check out the mission Powder Keg
  9. Not all of my missions go full tech, I have a few that keep things low, no Ion Cannons,Obelisks, etc. etc. Thanks for the feedback though, I'll update it and post a fixed version sometime this week.
  10. Excellent Windows Error simulator. Does nothing but crash
  11. Ehh... I have to go through and update my download link. I caught some bugs that needed a fixin' but I haven't gotten around to posting the updated mission pack yet. The single player community has been inactive for about 3 months now so didn't feel a sense of urgency.
  12. Yooooo, anybody still out there? I'm looking to pack all of my missions into a mix file for easier storage, How would I go about doing this?
  13. Grove's bringing all these dead posts back into the spotlight, showing me missions I never saw before. This is a tough mission to get into, the intro is brutal. I agree with everybody else though, the pace slows down once the players gets their base established and secures the perimeter. Very well made map, unique, challenging and fully functional. A+
  14. Glad to hear Lightning! Let me know what you think, and enjoy!
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