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  1. thanks, i was redownloading the ISOs and accidentally deleted my old ISOs so i cant test it now. this should work now!
  2. hi, i've named my ISO files as CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO in the same folder as installer, but it still does not detect them. i try to download via web but the download keeps reset (progress rest to 0%) if it loses connection.
  3. hi, i just downloaded the installer and i have the CD ISO files in the same folder. when i select Full CD Installation, it cannot detect my ISO files:
  4. i see, thanks for the reply. i just thought it would be possible to use a different renderer like opengl through editing of a config. yeah openRA works, but i prefer this for campaign play.
  5. hi i just tried GruntMods version, it works great was wondering if it can run Dune 2000 with opengl to enable Steam Overlay? i like to use it for screenshots if possible. thanks.
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