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  1. Beast is a good example of how someone should behave while and after a deserved ban. Instead of contaminate RA related websites with trash, spend better your energies on improving your skills and think about what you did. Only this way you get a second chance, which you should use wisely.


    Keep your good job Beast by playing always fair and respecting the community.


    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Funky!


    Thanks a lot for the quick response. Seems you are here more reachable than in the game lobby, nice. :)

    Of course we all know, you are really busy these days. So each simplification we can do for you is welcome.


    Yes, C|lausewitz has already created an account on GameSurge. His nickname there should be "clausewitz".


    Thanks again for your efforts and contributions to the Community.




  3. Dear RA-Community


    Since the last weeks we have experienced that FunkyFr3sh is mostly offline in the game lobby and other admins are not able to report/add any medals, I have decided, to start here a new topic for reporting new achieved medals.


    I would also suggest that FunkyFr3sh gives to at least one trusted and active admin fully access to add medals, to avoid such cases in the future.


    And now I gladly announce that C|own aka C|lausewitz has finally finished twice the GMC, once in front of me (C|ommander) and once in front of C|Beast on June 20, and he is patiently waiting for his medal. :)


    For further questions please contact us in the game lobby.


    Thanks in advance,




    Before posting in here please make sure you were reading the rules: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3673-cncnet-gold-medal-challenge-reset-red-alert-1/



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