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  1. ZeroZap

    red alert crash

    i tried to play offline then online and skirmish, as soon as i chose offline i get the errors. once i set up the skirmish game and strat i get the error. i tried in 2 diff computers with windows 7 and windows 8 same problem :puppydog:
  2. ZeroZap

    red alert crash

    Please help me play this game. After installation i tried to launch the game and 2 errors showed up. ¨a crash dump file with the name ra95crash.dmp has been saved. Give it to Iran for debugging, thanks´ then another message The instruction at 005e65dc referenced memory at 8512687b The memory could not be read from Click on Ok to terminate the application. Attached is the file in rar Thanks in advance ra95crash.rar
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