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  1. It's arguable that a good portion of the community has the good sense not to use Windows 8/10. They're just terrible, and while Microsoft will always be dropping functions there's a limit to how much the devs can get working. I fully support calling out developers/admins/etc. on bullshit, but this is just grasping at the straws. If you want to play something like Commander Keen, as dedicated as the community is, you still have to run it in a DOS environment. With games as old as this you are obviously going to have to make some sacrifices at the end user level to get them working even with devs who work a thousand times as expediently as the ones here. There's only so much they can do before Microsoft drops something that they just cannot fix.
  2. They do. It's Microsoft who has the problem, with Windows 8 and above having absolutely abysmal legacy support. It's either the garbage spyware operating system or Command and Conquer, don't blame these guys for your bad choice in software.
  3. I'm only really a big fan of canned white albacore. A little mayo, and I slap chop some onions and carrots. Yum.
  4. Yeah. Maybe GDI just launches all of the drop pods into orbit and lets them sit there until they're needed. Then all they have to do is just pull the emergency brake and the thing stops flying.
  5. I think the concept is quite novel but I'm not a big fan of it. I do like the fact that you can see defensive structure radius, queue units, and just some UI changes that better work with widescreen stuff along with just any performance/comparability fixes but that's really where my praise for OpenRA ends. When someone makes a fan-made "balancing" change to a game, more often than not it falls into the category of "Play the way I want or be punished" mod rather than something useful. The Flak-Track for the Russians has ridiculous range and one of the devs added in a five second wait time for engineers to enter a structure (at least for the RA module) after he got the tar beat out of him with an engineer rush. Like I get it some people don't like Engineer rushes, but god it already takes 3-5 engineers in Vanilla RA to capture a building. If you cant stop 3-5 engineers in a guarded base, maybe it's not the game that's the problem. Anyway in summation, they changed too much and that's why I don't play it.
  6. Keep coming back to this option in the CnCNet options, wondering if anyone has any or info on it. I'm assuming it's just a soundpack for the client. It'd be pretty cool to get the EVA voice every time you log in.
  7. It worked. Thanks man. While you guys are here, how do you get the YR to switch to just play regular old vanilla Red Alert 2
  8. Base game I got from The First Decade, I installed the patch from your website, along with that No-CD patch/update thing that guy with the wolf avatar linked in this one thread that changes TFD's logo to just the roman numeral 10, and ddraw.dll. TibDawn and TibSun's settings work fine, it's just RA that doesn't seem to budge.
  9. Hi, So I have The First Decade, and am using Windows 7. So I can launch Red Alert and play multiplayer just fine. However, when I go into "Settings" it gives me the "System Cannot Find File Specified" Error even though I set the target directory as the Red Alert folder in my CnC TFD directory. Any help would be appreciated. In addition, my background music seems to not play in multiplayer. I've installed Nyerguds RA303 patch as well, and I have the rasetup exe in the folder.
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