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  1. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I'm very lazy
  2. Cncnet problem with pings, disconnects

    How many tunnel servers are shown as Unknown Ping in your Advanced Options list?
  3. Unanimous Change

    I have an idea, let's share a normal map with what would be at least close to balanced, using the info which was already specified here, we can fine-tune it and this way we can test what we write.
  4. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Something like this
  5. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Neutral vehicles (like cars and stuff) scatter when you attack them in RA2, while on YR they just don't It's easier to lift up and kill vehicles with V3 in YR compared to RA2, where it's impossible lol In YR, Dreadnought and Boomer sub cannot be controlled when the spawn slots are freed
  6. CnCNet issue with Mental Omega

    You must be really lazy, can't you wait for an update?
  7. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Did you IC your tanks during the "jump" animation?
  8. Unanimous Change

    Tech Machine Shop doesn't have a buildup/sell animation. Imagine a tank battle between someone who has a Tech Machine Shop and one who doesn't have one
  9. Unanimous Change

    Maybe I should start to put Tesla Troopers in Flak Tracks to support my tanks lol
  10. Lets talk about noobs

    You can do that if you attack the Iron Curtain then drop them on it, works with a Conyard too l0l
  11. how to play Campaign?

    I never tried your method and I wouldn't set any compatibility settings to RA2/YR when I have my render set to TS-DDRAW or DDrawCompat, maybe just running it as Administrator
  12. how to play Campaign?

    What do you gain pirating it if it's not working on Windows 10 anyway? Lol
  13. how to play Campaign?

  14. how to play Campaign?

    RA2 soundtrack is included in RA2 multiplayer download and also available as separate download, YR soundtrack is available only as separate download and it's not included in YR multiplayer download... lol
  15. how to play Campaign?

    Maybe because it's just for multiplayer and it has everything required to play on XWIS? (For example, Auto SS, which is not available in the original RA2/YR)