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  1. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    You missed the party
  2. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    We can't play today
  3. Zhasulan vs FReQuenZy (broadcast in english)

    That would be cool, I told him many times that we can just play YR without training YR units, he hates YR and I hate RA2 Mode ^^ Do you know what's a Service Depot?
  4. Zhasulan vs FReQuenZy (broadcast in english)

    He's indeed a great player
  5. The "Who is...." topic.

    Really? lol Again... seriously? Read again I know, why would I do that? That's not threatening... did you read forum rules? Read again what I wrote...
  6. The "Who is...." topic.

    Where did I threaten people?
  7. The "Who is...." topic.

    No, it's a random SS I took in response to the random thing you wrote Pulled what? Your game never crashed isn't it? Nope, it's weird P.S.: Watch your language or you won't be here for too long
  8. The "Who is...." topic.

    Alright then, I'm sorry, I didn't say "bg" because I won, that's waaaay too low
  9. The "Who is...." topic.

    Guess Congratulations Yes, you also had a lot of money in the end, you don't know how to spend it, you made a Battle Lab and I out tanked you... Umm... yeah, it was pretty bad You said "GG" and I said "bg" back simply because it wasn't a good game for me. I don't really wanna insult you or anything, but when you have a lot of miners, a bad build order, a few tanks and I had A LOT more War Factories than you, better tank control and you even built a Battle Lab while I was out tanking you... I can compare that game with a lot of new Soviet players I played. Was it due to bad scout or... what was it? I don't get it, how on earth you didn't saw that I was going for more War Factories to out tank you? You didn't even fix your bad build, I put a lot of pressure on your little gem field and I killed enough miners to finally get you to run out of money... you ended up with a lot of money because you simply don't know how to spend it. I have nothing against you... What issue? Aaaaaaand... who cares? Congratulations, what can I say? Because it takes a lot of time to scout and learn a map, isn't it? Play a little bit more, online, vs AI, whatever you like. I don't know why every time you have to tell others how rusty you are, no one cares tbh There we go I didn't even talk with you that much, what the heck did you do to me? And you even post in the wrong topic, you could have messaged me or smth, but no, you have to express your frustration here, why? What's "people skills"? What did I do to you? If that's how far you can go, have fun then Why would I be? I just started to play like that on Offense Defense a while ago, it's really fun Be sad somewhere else
  10. Red Alert 2: Bloodpatch + Language change

    Nah, everything is okay as it is I made a topic with language packs for RA2/YR on XWIS/CnCNZ forums, I also tried to make one on CnCNet too but after a week of waiting for moderator approval... I gave up
  11. language ,commands Suggestion

    If I'm not wrong, that font changes the default game characters and they look pretty bad
  12. Resize Minimap/Radar

    No. Please no.
  13. Known issues - tracker

    Last player gets kicked and suddenly he's replaced with a "fake" Hard AI
  14. Zhasulan accepting challenges

    even* and If that will ever happen (I doubt it, "RA2 mode" sucks) I wish Showtime good luck, he gotta have nerves of steel to wait for Zhasulan to connect once he loses connection, IF he connects back.