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  1. Lud0wig

    YR Client ban bug

    You can't join any game if you tried to join a game where you previously got banned. The only way to join games again is to create your own game and then join other games or restart the YR Client https://youtu.be/xb9aXZJVmlY
  2. Place ore refineries/Slave Miners as close to ore as possible
  3. Get better Internet bud
  4. You're still a noob lol
  5. No cheats for you ^^ Seriously, try to play the game without any CE scripts/cheat tables and stuff like that, it's much better and the game is fun anyway. If you can't switch around applications via alt + tab, just use a different render.
  6. In case you wanna do a language patch, all the files for RA2/YR you'd need should be in this topic Yes, take a look here
  7. +1 I think your problem was that you didn't train enough infantry ^^ On a serious note, play QM or against others online, or do the campaign, you'll have a better view of what to use, how and when.
  8. FReQ, I'm sure you can write your opinions/suggestions without crossing the line, in a decent manner...
  9. No because "the best player ever" doesn't exist, I could name a bunch of good active players, but that would be off topic.
  10. There is no "best player ever".
  11. It's too obvious? Lmao
  12. He couldn't care less lol
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