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  1. At least for me, the changelog link in the client doesn't work (I found the changelog though).
  2. Exotiic

    Re: Update Changelog

    Somewhat minor, but the in-client changelog link to the forums wasn't the correct one.
  3. I haven't played Yuri's Revenge on CnCNet in a month or two; I updated the client, and when I join someone's game, it says that I have modified files... my game's based from Origin and it worked fine when I played months ago. Also, I tried reinstalling the game and that didn't change anything; reinstalling the client, ditto. One thing reinstalling the client did do is mess up the map preview. Before I reinstalled, map previews were fine, and after, previews are just black screens now.
  4. I moved recently and before the move, cncnet Yuri's Revenge worked fine, but now, my computer won't connect to the lobby. I get this message: The cncnet log thing says its a socket error... edit: using a VPN makes the game work but if I can make it work without a VPN that would be nice. cncnetclient.log
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