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  1. Thnx TaxOwlbear, i gonna try iff it works for me! Hehe, its a win10 setting, in combo with the dark themed obs!!
  2. Hi Commanders, As you all can see in the dropboxfile, i cant get fullscreencapture with OBS, without streching. This results in a less quality record, wich is a shame.. Does anybody knows wich settings for OBS i can use the best??? Does anybody knows wich settings for cnc/red alert i need, to get5 full screen game capture, in a normal/high quality?? Example video>>>>>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffhuqwabqmxctie/Need some help!!.flv?dl=0 My OBS settings>>>>> Thnx in advance!!!! GGS, GL, HF!!
  3. Yo lightning hunter, Iam happy to help, let me know when its finished !! Cheers!
  4. Again, this is why i highlighted my text, not to shoud, not because off 'a lag off respect' , but because off off-topic pointed midlefingers, chatlogs and examples, that has nothing to do, with this topic. Speaking about respect, lol..... Diaz, i respect your opinion, and dont worry dude, iam maybe warmblooded( ), but on the moment i step from my comp, i forget everything, dont worry!!
  5. And I must state, people using in every sentence 100 exclamation marks and writing in capitals (which in the real world is equivalent to shouting at someone) doesn't even deserve an answer due to lack of respect LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, A lack off respect??? From me??? Wauw, clearly you didnt reed the hole topic, and clearly you didnt reed the comments from your clanmembers, towards me. A GTA picture ( totaly off topic btw ) with a pointed middlefinger, with the disscription that that 1 is for me, is very respectfull indeed Because off falsy accusions towards me, that i make drama, and that i accuse somebody off cheating( ceo's words, reed back in topic ), i thought to clear out my explenation, by marking, or at least make itt bether to reed( more visible ), so, when ceo made another accusion towards me, i made it easyer for him, to reed my post This is not what is say, or ask, again, you c|members making my words to big, or dont reed what i post, you guys only see what you wanna see. To finish, GGS, GL, HF!!
  6. Ok, this is a bug, used in advantage. It would be a great thing, because, as far as i know (me noob!), this bug is only known, when being told about. So, its not fair, and this has nothing to do with a fair game, because you cant tell me, the developpers off the game, intended this to be as it is... My opinion, again>>>>>>> IAM OT ACCUSING ANYBODY And kobra, maybe you should reed the post off the puppet ceo, ho made some nice post, very on topic ( kuch ), before you accuse somebody off spamming( lol ). I hope this bug whill be fixed, and that people ho react on here, stay on-topic!!!! GGS, GL, HF!!
  7. This is accectly what is say, he still has normal building speed, even after 2nd building placed, and no power consumption taken..
  8. Ok, i watch that vid now 3 times, and now i c something, thats maybe even a bigger thing, cause since when, a barrack doesnt ask any power?????????????????
  9. My last post about this, because another accusion towards me, that i spam the blog with irrelevant posts...\ A blog, is ment, to post whatever you whant, as many as you wish, as long its on-topic!!!!! So, pictures from gta, in a ra blog, is considert off-topic, could be spamming to.( ceo, lol, acusing me, but you post off topic things, and chatlogs. Please give me your adress, i still have a spare mirror ;- ), ) And a friendly advice from a noob, that your a good ra plyr, doesnt mean you have the right, to act as a god, towards others. Its not for nothing, that you c more and more in the lobby>>>C|ocky
  10. Wauw, this vid shows ACCECTLY what i mend, that you guys dont like itt i post itt here in the forum, is someting else. The bug is now known FOR EVERYBODY, i think thatsthe reason why you guys reacting like you do! Now, that C|ommander showed himself; he said to me, in pm, that i had to find out for my self, how this works.SO, THAT IS WHAT I DID, I MADE A POST, IN THE RA COMMUNITY, WITH A QUESTION, IFF ITS A KNOWN BUG, OR A CHEAT!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nothing more, nothing less. You 3 acting like dogs that ar bitten by a poedle, so sad... AGAIN, MY FIRST POST Hi all ra commanders, Today, i saw something very weird, wich i didnt record, so maybe more plyrs saw the same, or know what itt is. On a no cheats map, smallest crates map there is, a medalholder plyr, builded after he deployd mcv, multiple buildings, without any power. Now, this plyr said that this is a known bug/cheat, but is this tru?? Something about quik placement or so. Iff this is tru, then please fix itt, its so unfair........... Does funky knows this, and does other plyrs saw the same, maybe in other games??? That you 3, c|members ar such liktle kids, with no understanding off the difference between a question and a accusion, is not my problem. I already said, in my 2nd or 3rd post, that i know that iam not the most skilled ra plyr there is, so again, i dont understand, that you c|members have to mention this again, in your vid>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CHILDISCH! FUNKY, now you saw this, Is this done intendently by the developers off the game, or is it a bug?? Cause, what i said, it is posible, to build 2 buildings, without power. And, when using this bug in advantage, wich cant be known by all players, is this then acceptable??
  11. Whell this i know, and is not what i ment. I use this all the time, everybody does... He builded 2 buildings, normal speed, without power, not 1, 2 buildings without power
  12. Ok, good to know Claus!! After all that h8 from yesterday, i whas serieusly doubting myself, but last comments, comfirm that iam right, that there is a bug, what issnt fair, because mayor advantage can be taken, in the right situations. Even a lost can be turnd around......... Thnx all for thinking with me!! AGAIN, I NEVER ACCUSED ANYBODY OFF CHEATING!!!>>>>;-)!
  13. Okok, so, does this mean, when you sell power, that you dont have instant loss off building speed, but a gently loss off speed?!