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  1. Why no one mentioned me or sm-proz ??
  2. @Grant or @Ferret please read what this guy is saying .. kicking from room is allowed right ?
  3. @Yes-Gu Lang when this gonna start ? and how much teams in total ? More infos please
  4. The best maps for me are: Toe East vs best Unrepentant Sedona The rest are just OK maps
  5. Grrr I wasnt active nearly mounth now Idk how much i can do . I'll see if i can play or not .
  6. I got linked before you do Gg's Much fun to watch
  7. try your old nickname JSTDS xD
  8. Watching and laughing ..
  9. Lol you have never raped me or owned me but since you asked let's play But i wont be able to play for year so get your self practice maybe win killer GR Then the year will be done me no active for year and probably wining..
  10. Only ra2 players cryes from yuri.and few noobs DUDE WHY YOU LOST TO KILLER GR ? AND COMES HERE TO SAY OH GR PLAYERS BETTER THEN CNCNET. That noob cant even do stuff correclty You said i'm noob lol..... I rekted him 4_1 and i didint play for 3 mounths then he won 3 games with yuri ,then the final score was 9_4 . Far as i know he won u as sov Lol .. U say to me improve lolz
  11. Are you high ? First :"GR players mostly ra2 players" Second : " most of cncnet player are yuri players" How the hell you want to compare ra2 players by yuri players? O.o Well most of GR players that have such big mouth like you have been: 1_ trained by xwis ra2 pros or being raped by xwis pros to learned few stuff that made them think that they can win eney one. 2_ do you really think GR is pro server? . look if we removed xwis pros from there who will stay ? (Case of you guys like 1 year or 2 online) Clearly: you , zain , zor, taita maybe?? Or rekoool players? Are you serious? What a server bro O.o
  12. since this topic wont be end soon i want to say : 1_ i'll stop playing for 1 year maybe because i failed graduating from high school ( so fucken sad ) 2_ gonna miss the good games , the players , making fun from wining freinds .... 3_ eney thin you guys want to say i'll keep it in mind . Peace
  13. avoid ???!!! i dont bail eney guy every one knows that . sensitive ? maybe yes i'm stressed in real life " you should refrain from blaming your teammates for your own mistakes " now Seriously WTF ?! i almost never blame my ally and even if i do so i say " don't worry just a game " not like you keeps blaming me. Well gunny don't get it personal i don't hate you or some thin but i just don't want to play games with you atleast for now. i dont know who the hell are you or even if you play the ra2 or yr , WTF you doing here eney way ??? !! blazy boy what you doing here eney way ? O.o
  14. why i recived notification to this topic ? many reply i'm too lazzy to read @DoDger give me info