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  1. [JsGoMaD] & Kyntaja Are on.^^ we dont have a name yet.
  2. i'll play if i can get a m8
  3. hello , can you tell me how to ally in game ?
  4. I agree with all what you mentioned ,except the last point .
  5. prep just make it a tournament of 8 players . i'll play . just find 7 others and make this thing happen @XXxPrePxX
  6. PREP !!!! i'll play if this thing still going on :/
  7. seems like im missing too many things . who won this thing ?
  8. Don't forgot to post links of games if this tourney ever happens.
  9. Re read the last 3 lines i typed .
  10. if sunny did really cheat he wouldnt get his rank 1's after passing XWIS admins and Screenshots checking . far i was told by some YR players he didint even get banned from XWIS but probably have been giving a Yellow card only . admins coudnt prouve that he was cheating . even i saw some vids of anyone that faced him have a issue in miners that stopes on multi maps.
  11. JSDS

    Clan ladder

    having a clan ladder would be a great add for CnCNet that will make playing more fun and comparative. as @XXxPrePxX mentioned above making a clan ladder much similar to Current QM would be good as a start . in my opinion to evoide a lot of work maybe try to make it very simple ( doesnt have to be very good at start and more work on it while updates )
  12. leave you from the idea of new colors . just add few colors to qm im starting to get bored from red and yellow only . bleu would be nice
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