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  1. Soviet VS Yuri

    SvY is such a good games to play and watch . Many say yuri is OP but i dont really think so. I enjoy playing sov vs a yuri player . Few ways to play vs yuri as a sov : 1- rush : 0 miners ,3 rhinos ,1 drone ,3 desos and sell mcv ( mostly in small maps like dune patrol ) or mass connies like 40 or 50 and attaack 2- fast IC : yuri is almost unbeatable if SW are off . so fast IC stays a good choice in large maps or small ones. IC or drone ,rhinos,siege choopers can give yuri pain in the ass 3- nuke if they are campy like mustach Just some smart play can win you yuri easy Deso > brutes,mags,gattling tanks Rhinos >lasher tanks ,gattling tanks .and attack buildings.. Flacks easyly take disks out. Drones>masterminds Siege choopers in long games in large maps annoyies yuri alot I think @LeOwNzAll can add few more stuff . Btw can any one show me how to play yuri vs soviet ? As a yuri
  2. Lets talk about noobs

    well, this is a public forums so anybody can read it .my point is : instead of typing that 100 lines just try to make it short can be readed if less time . clearly i should have ignored the topic since it have you posting in it . now stop quoting what i'm saying too many notifications .
  3. Lets talk about noobs

    ??????????????????????????????? Are you 12 ?
  4. Lets talk about noobs

    ffs another topic with 100 lines posts.
  5. Unanimous Change

    Hi, I'm sure any allied player will agree with me on this one . Iron curtain 5 mins to be ready to use . Chronospher 7 mins to be ready to use . I sudgest chronoshper timer down to 5 mins same as IC ,or IC to 7 mins same as chronoshper.
  6. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Excellent post Zig.
  7. As allie how much miners do u need?

    You need many miners
  8. Used to record and on display capture .
  9. I have same issue aswell. I fixed it once by making default setting . And not rising video birate or audio birate and recording on display capture. If you fixed it in future let me know how.
  10. 1v1 Tourny

    Hmm. Another tourney while i'm busy grr . Hi Joe
  11. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Hi Martin and heldro team . Dodger or aka sm-pr0z is sick lately . He is in bed since few days ago and yet he still feel bad as much he mentioned to me. @Marsh @scalpem ur 3rd player is sick .
  12. More maps will be cool . Heck. Srobe. Tourney A . Maps must be there too
  13. Yeah. I totally agree with zigzag . Cs is balanced for all 3 factions . Most of players says that cs is a soviet map but i find cs good for allied too. Yuri also is good for cs .
  14. Seems cool in general. Specialy may day map <3 I only think that: Roundhouse kick must be replaced . I sudgest Heck freezes over .
  15. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Wait if my team is out your team must be out too prep. Because mostly my team were ready many times to play while you or your team memebers can't be in time . @LeOwNzAll read up top .