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  1. Wait what people afraid ? From playing vedio game online and losing? LOL most funny thin i heared today And dh as allies lol i almost evrey time take allies on dh unless im mad so i go sov
  2. no lol i was just sudgesting june ( not sure if people can play) (sudgestion only )
  3. when ? + please dont do it this days i want to play this ( and every one is busy do it in june maybe ? ) =)
  4. guys if you want this ladder i know guy can desing web sites if you intrested pm me so i can give to you his skype
  5. if eney one want a hard oponent try play : [A7MDBULIVE] and say to him JSDS send me
  6. DAMN im still good in this thin
  7. Pl Please dont say nickname semi noob is yours ?:P
  8. I'm seeing this right ? Chandler in forums :O I'm joking
  9. PM me if u dont want people to know it . i want to know
  10. what should i say ?
  11. i have to say prep have nice contole too i tryed vs him ( america vs korea) in 2v2 he did very well gived me awsome time jets and tanks while i do para and ifv's mixed with few grezllys and tryed skining rockies and tanks but he just contred every thin . GG ^^ tho
  12. let's create help team here . why ? i know how hard it is in start ,(im not new ,i stated in 2004 playing the game skirmish games and lan games but online so hard it was to me thank god i got helped by few people here =)
  13. wait .WHAT ? matt better then justin as allied ?