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  1. JSDS

    Can we have new colors please

    leave you from the idea of new colors . just add few colors to qm im starting to get bored from red and yellow only . bleu would be nice
  2. JSDS


  3. JSDS

    Block player from PM messaging

    Let them be FAMOUS
  4. JSDS

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    use base defenses in you favor when your enemy is near your base .
  5. JSDS

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    dont let your economy hit 0 .
  6. JSDS

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    1v1 tournament aint a very good idea at the moment specialy that CnCNet have activity on it's QM ladder . maybe if it's a 2v2 tournament then it may get more players to play .
  7. JSDS

    CnCNet Map Pack II Released

    2 questions : 1- will this maps be in QM next mounth ? 2- if Antarctic map is in Qm would it be able to play it against other factions ?
  8. JSDS

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    it does happen mutlti times .
  9. JSDS

    Destroy Battle Fortress + Guardian GIs?

    that's just too much . lol you forgot that battle fortress is slow ?
  10. LOL martin abusing game bug to win the game on ladder .
  11. JSDS

    League Champions for June 2018!

    i heared that he is marko
  12. JSDS

    The Allied Topic

    Ideas to survive the YR Op flack when you mass rockies as allied
  13. JSDS

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    that acually would be a great idea to have an RA2 QM .