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  1. seems that rumers are true , if you just attack your enemy oil with chrono legonair once it will never give more extra cash again . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygfZ7xX3JFI would it be fixed in the future ?
  2. JSDS

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    False , allied vs soviet in YR is balanced in sw on or off . allied can stop a soviet rush in start of the game and can hold in long game . soviets can also stop allied rush and even win in late game ( sw on or off ) ic can be useless if soviet forced to used it outside the allied base cuz allied units faster than rhinos ( griz , mirages ) chrono is almost deadly for sovs because may make them lose tanks or get their base attacked or even miners chroned ... deso bombs can be stop by rocketeers or seal battlefortress . but that doesnt make deso bomb useless .
  3. JSDS

    New Yuri's Revenge Tournament Pack Released

    and now you are giving us your opining ..
  4. JSDS

    The "Who is...." topic.

    who is Passive ? current rank 1 on july QM https://staging.cnc-comm.com/ladder/7-2018/yr/player/Passive
  5. JSDS


    i think Freedom was one of his nicknames on XWIS .
  6. JSDS

    New Yuri's Revenge Tournament Pack Released

    dafuq is wrong with you ? as a person from this "community" in my opinion you fucked up.
  7. JSDS

    Any one miss me!

  8. JSDS

    New Yuri's Revenge Tournament Pack Released

    Country swing is a balanced map for all factions how many times should i say so ? -_- martin no offense but you just screawed all maps
  9. JSDS

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    playing a good soviet and getting rushed is a problem even pro allieds will have problems with it . for me in small map i go 1 miner then grezlly tanks and air units to force him to make flack that allowes you to make 1 more tanks while he makes a flack . pillbox when he is so near your base that makes his rhinos aim on pill while your tanks aim on his . that's mostly it .
  10. JSDS

    RA2/YR in ULTRA HD / 4K !!

    @fir3w0rx wow that's so cool .
  11. JSDS

    battle log

  12. JSDS

    battle log

    Hello , why battle log is removed from CnCNet main menu ? would it be back in the next update ? thanks
  13. JSDS

    Top players that Started in CnCNet

    CnCNet players that you kinda started at your "pro" server Gr Korc is one of the best young players in cncncet but @FlyingMustache said he left the game . i dont really know if Korc did start at CnCNet because he may played his first games at yuri's GR @Korc
  14. JSDS


    Just saw post from his family on facebook he was a really good guy and very helpful . was a great player and i very enjoyed knowing such player and person. R.I.P :'(
  15. JSDS


    who won ? ( who much you lost ) i'm too lazzy to watch