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  1. off topic here we discuss ra2 and Yr not TS
  2. so, some of @sunny students is taking nicknames of others i said many times to players but no one listing here's the SS : and be smart and notice how his nick is [AUF] instead of [AuF] and joe too @[nra]Buffalo do you belive me now ?
  3. Wait what ?!!! Dafuq that player never play sedona ?! Blazer was observing why u guys didint ask him to play istead of strike? Note:blazer is good player have good allied and good alsow as soviet and not bad with yuri . You guys didin't find 3rd player?
  4. i did download it but i didin't know how to work with it but dont worry i'll figure it out .
  5. he said it is ok to 2 vs 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP_kqVcsNBU enjoy =)
  6. i'm looking to change yuri music to ra2 music soundtracks what i can do ?
  7. Aha lol. Didin't know and didin't notice because ra2 music works fine . Thanks man
  8. Hello, i'm installed the game from the xwis copie (ra2 ,then yuri) i'll try to re install like you said and letting you know if it works thanks .
  9. i played like 30 or more and didin't realize that i have no music in side the game when i go to sound setting inside the the i find the list empty . what i can do ?
  10. we get it that you are good O_o
  11. Hello, Many players will agree that playing 4vs4 is so much fun . But maps is the issue .some times the game room is full by 8 players What maps can be played ? (I'll discuss official maps only) Heck great map for all types <3 Russian rollet (famous by being the map that no one plays) Rest of maps 3 or 4 only. My idea is to make maps for 4vs4 for the folowing reasons: 1_making 4vs4 maps will allow more team games. 2_4vs4 maps will allow more (1vs1's ,2vs2,3vs3) 3_allowing players to chose more maps. 4_evoding playing modded maps that people lame like (what i didin't know,stupid map ...) 5_ simply more maps=more games (insted of playing one map and getting bored ) Maybe making maps and making them officials in the server ? Some people may name map and say play this one ,no i have tryed so many liked one only(red line)
  12. lol, i didin't mean that team matt or other team will win idc i just said yeah matt because i like to be kiding matt