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  1. OldRoG

    Medal UFF|Gtr

    Hello Commander One of our members formatted your computer and consequently lost your medal, could you please add your medal again? Thank you and peace to all.
  2. Good afternoon commanders I asked to add the UFF-Santiag player's medal to his gamesurge account as he formatted his computer and lost it so he could access his medal from any computer. Thank you and peace to all.
  3. Good Morning Besides the spectators medalists, funkfresh and the administrators have access to the records that can verify if the players actually completed or not the challenge, so I think we are on the right track the only thing that could in my opniao is to identify and to differentiate the level of PROS by the Determined medal icon because we have many PROS and super pros with the same medal. Funkfresh could create a different and more difficult map and give these one icone of better differentiating a higher level. Thank you and peace to all.
  4. Good Morning commanders RA I come here report that UFF-Santiag passed the gold medal challenge me with spectator, I can certainly confirm this and ask you to see the records and this video and so another medalist confirm this also please add your medal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J71f2vFC9iw Thankyou Commanders....
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