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  1. TRZ is very nice guy though, don’t you think mates?
  2. I once saw Humble hax TRZ’s pp like brb b np ez. TRZ was still the nicest guy though after this, such super nice guy though.
  3. He’s just really nice guy you know mate
  4. TRZ is the nicest though mate. Such nice guy.
  5. TRZ is the nicest guy I ever met. He once let me borrow his TS account to play a 4v4 Waterworld clanner with my buds. Such super nice guy, he even emailed me his mapper and said mate, use this for your clanner with your buds. I said wow TRZ, i didn’t know you were this nice of a guy, thanks so much! To this day no TS player comes close to how nice of a guy TRZ really is. He is the mapper off his back type of guy, I couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to help me and my buds out. Tell me friends, who is the nicest TS player of them all?
  6. TRZ is probably nicest guy I ever met. Lots of people have opinions on TRZ but he really is nice guy once you get to know his soft side and all. Probably nicest ever. I once seen people trying to double team TRZ when he was bl on Terr and I asked them hey why you double TRZ? He's nicest guy ever he doesn't deserve double teaming mates. Poor TRZ always taking double teaming and hes such nice guy. Don't be mean to TRZ all, hes nicest guy ever though. Brb Np Ez Bye
  7. and mate honestly hes just really nice guy ya know mate. Like brb b np ez oh hi there trz you so nice
  8. Nm Nm ya know just chillin and tryna get some lulz
  9. TRZ is really nice guy once you get to know his soft side and all. He seems super confrontational at first but he's actually super nice guy once you get to know his soft side. I once heard ppl talking bad about him and all I could think was TRZ is such super nice guy there is no way especially once you get to know his soft side. TRZ is super Nice guy though.
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