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  1. You really did a fantastic work creating these maps, very meaningful and creative. They are designed in high quality and are much, much more challenging than covert ops. Hope the game companies take note of your map design skills if they ever recruit! (Are you from Westwood btw? )
  2. Completed all of your maps except for On Hostile Shores. Even after I managed to get the MCV, I can't build it up fast enough to defend the incoming enemy.
  3. It's very tough, even after I sealed up the captured base and try to build up my army of medium tanks, I need to keep building a weapons factory to prevent the double ion cannon from destroying the construction yard. Another way is to up the tech level so that the player can build advanced guard tower and mammoth tanks. Would the ion cannon hit the tower first? Really like playing your maps, very good!
  4. Something is wrong with the Powder Keg map. It's impossible to play because the ion cannon strikes twice.
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