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  1. That's actually a quite good and logical idea - and it's also not that far from reality. https://youtu.be/gEJAtJak4-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1yQzqR9cu0
  2. Here's another photo of the GDI Guardtowers + Mammoth, just to give you an impression of how tiny all the stuff gets. It still baffles me that the Ultimaker can print those delicate details. Thanks a lot! And guess what, the whole thing is printed in 3 different parts - the base, the cabin and the roof - and glued together afterwards. Handling those overhangs is really tricky and cutting the model in printable pieces is for me mostly the right choice. Many people tend to work a lot with support structures, but then you need to cut them away carefully and sand those parts again and in the end you're wasting also material. You can't really say that there's an average cost. A month ago I started to calculate the whole thing through since people keep asking me exactly that question. And the price is more or less directly linked to the printing time. Longer printing times equal more material that is used and result in a higher electricity bill. Smaller models like that small Guard Tower or the Mammoth only take around more or less an hour to print and would cost something like 3 to 4 Euro. A medium sized building such as the Barracks or Hand of Nod would be around 20 Euro, but it also uses 10-20 x more material and takes 3 hours longer to print. But nothing is decided yet about the exact prizes. By the way, before I got my own printer, I ordered the same 3D model (which somehow happened to be the Hand of Nod) printed with different printers from different websites. I wanted to find out which printer had the best quality to suit my demand. And it turned out that - of course depending on the quality - the average price was around the same that I'm using right now. I got the cheapest HON for 15€ and the most expensive one for 30€. Needless to say that the cheapest one also was the ugliest in terms of details and quality. Photo below (not the best quality actually)
  3. A Boardgame On Demand service? Guys, that's so awesome! Thank you sooo much for giving me that hint! I will have a look at that and calculate it through! Maybe that's really the way to go. I have to see. Just out of curiosity, what would you pay for such a board game? I never quite felt the need to ask that question since my production costs (producing it one copy at a time per hand) would far exceed what a normal human being would pay. I mean, come on, 600€ for a board game?! Ain't nobody got time or money for dat ^^ but with this website, maybe the costs are lower. As I said, I need to calculate it when I find the time. Changing the graphics and getting rid of the C&C terminology wouldn't be the problem. Sure, it's work and takes time, but it is absolutely possible. Again, thanks for that advice! =)
  4. Well, the miniatures I'm building at the moment are purely decoration. They strive for maximum detail and kind of close resemblence inspired by the original game art. However I have indeed designed a board game based on C&C, already back in 2011. The design still holds up to this day, I just played it during the christmas and new years holidays with a couple of friends and it's still fun. I know you will ask, so I have to curb your expectations a bit: No, there is no feasable way to get you a copy of this game. I know that you will say "I don't care about the price, I'm a super hard core extreme uber C&C fan". I heard this sentence so many times ... but this final game prototype you can see above (all in all I made 4 different prototypes during the 6 months of development) costs 300€ to make and takes 3 full days working with equipment I don't have access to anymore. Yes, I could tell someone who still can operate these machines to build another copy for me, but let's run the calculations: 10€/hour * 8 hours/day * 3 days = 240€ + 300€ costs for the material = 540€ per one copy of that board game and I wouldn't even earn a penny. Who in the right mind would pay 600€ for a board game ... :/ I thought a lot about it but I don't see a way to get you a proper game produced on my own. Now you say "just give us the files and we print it on our own". Then I say "I said *proper* version, not a fragile paper print out". Plus if I give you the files, who gives me the assurance that you don't build and sell the stuff on your own? Produced on cheap ass material for half the costs I would calculate and sold for double the price. Now you say "Common Kalle, where is your trust in humanity?" Well, I already witnessed in the past that people took my art work without permission printed it on mugs and phone cases and sold the stuff. So no, sadly that's no option either. I also thought about trying to pitch the game to board game companies and sell it without the name "Command & Conquer", but the rules - though abstract and simplified as much as possible - are still too complex for a mass audience. It is a niche product for a specific target audience. People who are looking for C&C won't find it in the shelves if it doesn't read "C&C" on the box and people who don't know C&C will hesitate because it might be too complex. The only option to make this game a success is to sell it with the original IP. So I can only wait until EA announces a new C&C so I can get in contact with them again. The thing is, they were interested in my game. I played it with Eric Krause who was the Community Manager back in the day and also responsible for the merchandising. He liked it. I even got permission to visit Germany's biggest board convention to go looking for companies willing to produce it with the original IP. Long story short, the day after I returned from the convention when I wanted to tell Eric about my findings, I read the news "EA closes the C&C dev studio Victory Games" and I read Eric posting on Facebook "Well, that's a surprise, today I am only allowed to get into my office with a visitor's pass". Half a year later I managed to get in contact with someone still working for EA and connected to C&C and he told me, no, at the moment, as long as there is no new C&C game out there, they are not interested in selling any C&C related merchandising, board games, whatsoever. So until this day I am waiting ^^ but, as I said the board game is still fun, the design still holds up. If it gets released in 2 years or in 10, it doesn't matter. Back to topic: Yes, I totally thought about making 3D printed figurines for my board game (which wouldn't make the mass production all by myself any easier or even cheaper^^). But I would need to change the models whoch I am building at the momet. They just don't fit to the game grid and it is important that they do fit to the grid. It's that simple. Questions, suggestions, emotions? ^^
  5. Meanwhile the Titan isn't done, here's an old photo Remembering the time when it was still warm enough to take that photo out on the balcony
  6. Happy new year, folks! I'm back and working on something bigger this time, the GDI Titan. Modeling is nearly done. Afterwards I need to cut it into printable parts. Stay tuned! cheers, Kalle
  7. Any advice on how to do it better? Except for painting that stuff obviously one day theyll have a 3d painter Well actually there are already 3D printers that print already with the correct color on the correct surface. You have probably heard of all those "3D scan yourself and get a 20cm mini-me for only 200$" offers. If not, here is an example. Well and these companies use these machines. But obviously it's extremely expensive and absolutely not affordable for a person like you and me to own such a thing.
  8. Any advice on how to do it better? Except for painting that stuff obviously
  9. Hey folks, Kalle Bowo here. If you are around in the CnC Community for a while, some of you might still know me. Years ago I used to run around at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, dressed as a Nod Soldier (the Avatar, that's actually me ^^). I also used to work on the Renegade mod "CnC Reborn", transforming the original Renegade into a first person Tiberian Sun. To name only a few things I did back in the day My current project is called Printed Armies. In short: I design miniature models based on CnC and other games and 3D print them with my Ultimaker 2+. I opened a thread solely for that stuff somewhere in the general discussions section. Check it out if you like, you might like it Cheers, Kalle
  10. Hey folks, someone on Instagram told me I should show off the stuff I make here in this forum. So here we go: I design 3D printed miniatures based on Command & Conquer. Currently I am working on a complete GDI and NOD miniature base from Tiberian Dawn / Renegade. But other stuff like the Mammoth MK II from Tiberian Sun or the Kirov Airship from Red Alert 2 are also on my list. If you want to see more, you can go to my website: www.printed-armies.com I am regularily uploading photos of my latest prints. So if you want to stay up to date, you can follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/printedarmies And if you wish, you can also like my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/printedarmies Here are some examples, enjoy PS: And no, I didn't copy your logo, I actually didn't know about this forum until yesterday
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