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  1. I had a weird skirmish i was playing against 2 nod and i had a team with 1 gdi and talon. I killed all the construction yards. And some how the ai kept building things and different area no where near one another kind of quickly. I had to place units where all the buildings kept spawn to stop them from spawning. I won after i got all the units to the spawn locations and the friendly ai did not attack the ground at all so i would assume there is no mcv underneath the map and besides the time it took each building to build no mcv could move that fast. I had orcas and humvees do all the scouting very irritating.
  2. I rather let you believe what you want then deal with your troll style BS.
  3. The worst one i've heard of was someone saying that all the presidents are related and that the us government was a monarchy man was that guy insistent. And he kept saying that's what they want us to think and that the monarchy is just a secondary cover for something much larger. And you really shouldn't go around insulting other peoples opinions. At least not directly to them.
  4. in any case the cnc collections launchers now have an update to make the game work if people are still having a problem should be 1.19 and not 1.16 now. I would post a link I think an someone is taking links that are posted and going back to ea to make an update to make the mods unable to work.. which really wouldn't surprise me sense the company has an enormous ego. and yes i know the 1.19 in the links so far provided dont work. i just realized with mod installed i can now play the game without turning origin on at all.
  5. no its not cause what im playing is origin so if its working for others and not for origin its not irrelevent
  6. hey commando does not have attack move.. and sandbags dont connect very well so i dont know if that can be altered like the other c&C games
  7. need another strategy to get it installed. if only I could code I would try to make it more stand alone. The only way i can think of to get redux installed into an origin game is if i copy all of the game and some how make it not origin dependent. Or hopefully I've done something wrong and I just have to get it right. uuum nvm? if the collections launcher 1.19 is truly broken then maybe ea made and up date that allows this mod to work regardless. i have not patched it though. see what happens afterward ok it all works so... I'll just assume i did something wrong and leave it at that. have to move camera around with arrow keys cant just mouse scroll in windowed mode... uugh
  8. i could not find the video again i still have the file that helped me launch the game but i cant upload it. the so download it click the games you own it should work to get it running. it "should" because it's working for me. thats the name of the thing i used from the video that recommended it. C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers Setup
  9. I downloaded some launcher this guy on youtube recommended to get it to run if i find the link to the video ill post it. i did set winxp compatibility mode as soon as a found it.
  10. Well either im blind or it actually worked. i found out the the generals.exe for the origin game is actually called generals_origin (wonderful right). in anycase thanks for everything guys the game works perfectly now.
  11. I tried that. i did not find the .exe. but i did set what should have been called generals.exe to windows xp compatibility mode. I only see (generals) applications not the .exe......
  12. So i got the game to actually run now so i can play it and the movies are not working btw. But I still get the popup message. i downloaded what some guy had recommended on youtube about a ultimate collections launcher, it worked, but i have to rapidly hit the ok button on that popup message for almost what seems like an hour just to get the game to show up on the screen. and of course after all that, the popup comes back so i have to move that text box to a part of the screen im not using otherwise it will cause me to click on it then minimize the game. i really love the game so far.
  13. Origin.exe-Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll. I keep getting this message when ever I try to play the mod. I found by rapidly hit ok that eventually the dialog box will go away but then it just he normal generals launcher to the normal game. it work the first time i tried but i turn my computer back on the next day to play i had this problem all of a sudden i cant get this to work. I'm out of ideas i tried do a fresh download and install. Thats not working either. so please help me. btw i love the game so far, my other problem is trying to get the campaign movies to work.
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