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  1. Hello there, My friend installed Yuri's Revenge And CNC net and decided to play some, but it kept giving the error and keeps kicking us when we ignore and play. Here is my client log. client.log
  2. Yup nothing so far x_x; guess I gotta wait then till you find out the problem EDIT: gonna try one more thing. uninstall the mod and reinstall the mod edit 2: well that did the trick ,but now it's giving me that direct x 8.1 error.. my luck XD . zero hour works fine though just now the mod derping with the direct x thingy Edit 3: the error came back. I think the error is cause by something of GenTools. the base zero hour game works fine even on high settings Edit 4: HUZZAH! I got it working by using the launcher starter (the one you use to force the mod so you can play on cnc online.net) and put the setting to low and it finally work.
  3. I tried it. sadly no luck so far. I will plan to try again but overwriting the entire option.ini to see if it works edit: did the overwriting the entire options.ini ,but no luck at the moment
  4. Hello there. I followed the instructions for the Tiberan dawn redux patch ,but now I run into a problem. When I try starting it it end up giving me this message If it helps this message does come up (which it did before before the patch ,but it still runs) Here is what my folder looks like post patch btw It's strange this is giving me this problem even though my computer is clean of viruses( did a scan and found nothing) and my computer cna easily run Games on the latest cry engine and heavy gear assault (which runs on the new Unreal 4 engine) with no problems o.O
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