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  1. JetMod

    Game Always laag

    i have windows 10 last update game laags too much pls help me client.log
  2. JetMod

    DTA Client Issue

    When i run Game DTA Client Not Responding. Win-7 DotNetFramwork 4.5 Directx 11client.log Need Help client.log
  3. JetMod

    New Update Issue

    Problem is in the setup of ra2.i instal from another installer then its ok.
  4. JetMod

    New Update Issue

    i just reinstal the game.All works good when i create game(Online & Skirmish) or jion game no map preview just blank screen. when i start the game i Disconnected from all players.i m back to game.just a blink and i m at same place. msg appears has return to game. Some times msg apear "the program cant start becoz binkw32.dll is missing from ur computer.try to reinstal. i try to reinstall but same msg. please help
  5. JetMod


    Update DontNetFramwork and it works.
  6. JetMod


    is that ok ? i think DotnetFramwork issue or Graphics card update required ??
  7. JetMod


    Yuri's Revenge has Crashed.Error message This image format is not supported. when i install new update.it happened. Win 7 SP-1 Need Help
  8. JetMod


    Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit Directx 11
  9. JetMod


    Try to Update.But not updated yet. kindly help me. Thanks
  10. JetMod


    Directx 10 Try to update 11
  11. JetMod


    I have Windows Vista Business SP-2
  12. JetMod


    Yuri's Revenge has crashed.Error Message Unable to load DLL d3d11.dll The specofied module could not br found. anyone help
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