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  1. I've tried my CD install, the First Decade version and the version from cncnet. Even if I export the rules.ini from the MIX and make a simple modification there is no affect in game.
  2. No it's actually located on an external drive. If I don't have the patch installed my mods work but I've got several bugs under Windows 10. Therefore I need to install the TSpatch and the game runs fine but doesn't load my modified rules.ini etc.
  3. Hi, just wanted to play TS again with my mods, but with Windows 10 I was "forced" to install the TSpatch to get it run probably. Now it runs like a charm, but my mods don't take any affect anymore. How do I get the rules.ini in single player + mission back working? Thanks in advance, aesis
  4. Hi guys, just refound my ts and thought: winter + ts = couple of mission play. However these days I'm running windows 10 and was glad to find this patch to run the game. However my "mod files" (rules.ini) to get units that are usually not buildable ingame don't take any affect anymore. Any ideas why that's the case? Even if I update the MIX there's no difference. Thanks in advance.
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