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  1. Darkstar, thanks a lot! Command & Conquer: Tiberium Dawn is my absolute favorite C&C Game. Me and my brother got it for Christmas 1995, then I was in love. I have a huge passion for the game. I try every Christmas to play the game a bit to get back to my childhood days. The music and everything is just amazing in this game. I love the -90s military style, Ion canon is the limit for spacey things. The new modern all "robot-laser" style gets boring. I like machine gunners and guard towers shooing manual rounds . The quality of those missions are just great, many of them are much better than the Cover Ops missions. I just played the mission Besieged and it was very difficult and fun. I love base building missions. The dynamics of this one was just great. Impressive programming of these missions. Thanks for keeping this old goodie alive! I have more missions to play and enjoy. My dream is one day to put a team together and make a real Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn follow up with the same atmosphere that the first game provided. Together with some of the veterans from Westwood and with classic new gameplay videos with Kane, the voice of EVA and it all would be great! Thanks to all of the community and this forum!
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