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  1. Damn it i want a cnc for android! Red alert 3 was ios only and cnc4 was just a 2d java game and now theres this good looking canceled game... I heard one of the westwood devs made a rts on android but i cant find it i wonder if its like the cnc games or the shitty excuse of rts like coc and its 10000 clones Edit: i know we can play cnc 1 and 2 on androids with emus but i want native games
  2. Yes correct i just want to save the latest patch somewhere on my hd and a few file sharing sites incase i want to play the game in a few decades and the autoupdate aint working because ea is dead or.something (i hope someone buys c&c rights before that happens)
  3. A poster of the red alert 3 gals :[ Hahah i remember i had a crush for gemma atkinson back when ra3 was released and i was a kid
  4. oops i meant to say cncguild link is down not cnclab sorry
  5. Okay thanks i will try myself when i get the game is there a way to find which files got updated after i apply the patch?
  6. that map pack from cnclabs seems unofficial + link to downloas is dead and im confused why it says 5 kanes wrath preorder maps i thought there are only 4? I got all the bonus maps of all the third gen games i just want to know if you install red alert 3 from the premier edition disk will it write premier edition ingame in the main menu where you can select new game etc like in the kane edition of tiberium wars if you install the game from the kane edition disk you see kane edition in the menu and there are extra special settings in the options Anybody here got the premier edition to check?
  7. Can users who bought the retail version still update the game with the latest patch today with the autoupdate fuction? Is there any way to get the latest patch files (1.03 i believe) to install offline? Can somebody make such a patch file i want it for preservation
  8. [glow=red,2,300][/glow]Im late to the c&c party and very sad for that cause i missed some things, can c&c3 kane edition and red alert 3 premier edition be still aquired legally from anywhere nowadays? Im not proud about it i resorted to download a very rare iso of kane edition which took me long to find and by luck in a german site and found that it has bonus maps and skins for units which you could activate or disable in the options and in the main menu ingame it said Kane Edition (well ok that last one may sound silly but not for me i like collecting rare stuff ) As for premier edition iso i just cant find it so i dont know if it also said Premier Edition ingame in the main menu like in the kane edition of tiberium wars but im sure that the bonus maps were not inside the disk instead you had to go to a link and download an exe file to install them and this is still possible to do today since many sites have those maps along with all the other exes of the preorder and beta testers maps. So basically i need to find the premier edition in any way possible to... see if it had premier edition written ingame in the main menu lol And i would love to replace my pirated kane edition iso with a legit physical copy. Sorry for the english its my 3rd language
  9. Hmm ok i replaced the red alert expansion isos with the isos from abandonware what a nice site it also has renegade isos im not sure if they are legal since ea never gave them free or they did?
  10. Thanks bro that was extremely helpful i already played with your patch and only couldnt do some of the extra missions because they are hard for me im a noob i found c&c when i was like 7 and only played the red alerts but oh boy when i tried the tiberium games now at 22 i fell in love with them Im trying to collect all c&c games and patches and the extras they had like official maps i preffer the original thing since it runs so good on my xp pc. Did red alert had dos isos too like c&c1? i cant find the dos isos for c&c 1 and red alert 1 is it legal to ask for them here since those are free games now i would love to add them to my collection i like preserving history
  11. No according to the text file the nocd is for 1.006r2 a version you could get only ingame back when the game had its online functions working. At this point i think building a time machine and travelling to 200x is the only way to retreive this patch
  12. Thanks guys for your help im happy to finally get rid of the red alert 1 problem i had now i need help with cc95 in my other thread
  13. I found out that theres a nocd for 1.006 and 1.006r2 but i only see 1.006 patch in the westwood ftp and all other sites... The only info i found is that you could get this version ingame back then so is this patch lost forever now? Or theres a extremely low chance somebody who played back then still has this patch on his red alert 2 copy in his hard drive lol... is that somebody in those forums by any chance cause i been looking for this patch for a year now. I would like to know if the downloaded patch was saved anywhere on the hd as a exe file or the new files just overwrited the old files... We will probably never know but i still have some hope one day i will find it. When i apply the 1.006r2 nocd to my legit ea origin copy i can still launch and play the game but the version in the main menu is 1006... or was it like this in the original 1006r2... or origin copy could be 1006r2 lol maybe even they dont know anything about it. I guess r2 means revision 2 Or atleast does anybody knows if this patch had multiplayer fixes only or singleplayer too? Was there any changelog somewhere
  14. I cant believe how long it took me to find the 3 isos for this game (nod, gdi and firestorm) i thought i will find them in the first google search result but that was not the case its funny how i finally found them at abandonware site where i found a working copy of cc aftermath aswell since EA's 40mb iso seems to be corrupted and im glad i have a backup of them now cause im in a preserve every c&c iso mission right now but what i want to know is are they legal since the game is free? They seem to be exact copies of the original nothing removed or added and i like the installer just like the red alert 2 installers and also the copy ea gave is just a archived directory lol... Also the cd versions seem to have a small e.v.a message when i run the game for the first time unlike the copy of ea. Strange
  15. I installed the free ccgold cd which ea gave fine on my xp and game works after i applied the xp patch from the westwood ftp and my version seems to be 1.04 But i just cant install their covert ops iso i found out that you need dos so i got dosbox and after some struggle i managed to make the cd to run the setup, saw the 5 sec e.v.a animation and it asks me for my directory but every freaking time i type my exact directory which is the default one btw (c:\WESTWOOD\C&C95) i keep getting a the game is not found in this directory error... I saw nyerguds youtube video and he seems to install it fine with dosbox so what the hell im doing wrong? I read his post about the expansion that we only need to copy 2 files from the cd to "install" the addon but id want to get the installation to work not only because of some nostalgia act or something but also because in the readme it says if i install covert ops my game will be updated to 1.20... and when i just copy the 2 files my version is still 1.04 ingame. My other problem is the 1.22 patch i found which seems official, i copy the 2 files patch.exe and patch.(forgot extension xD) to my game directory like the txt file tells me to do but when i run the patch.exe i see a fast doslike pop up that closes after a second and when i open the game my version is still 1.04... Can any c&c pro help me i know about nyerguds patch and i have it on my modern pc i just want the latest version of the original ccgold along with the covert ops expansion on my old xp pc
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