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  1. Yeah, that seems prone to false positives. Get rid of it and use the likes of Malwarebytes to protect your system.
  2. Didn't notice that, as for some reason, the forums deactivated viewing signatures for me. Thanks, fixed now.
  3. It's something that can be manipulated in TS and RA2, though. Did you notice how missions there have different track orders?
  4. It's one of the servers hosting the files you need.
  5. What antivirus are you using? Apparently, it's one of those that have more false positives than legitimate functions.
  6. And as far as RA1 is concerned, Funky's installer at has the option of installing the game from both the Allied and Soviet discs.
  7. It still kinda hints at free releases of RA2/YR/Ren, which don't exist I get what you guys are trying to do with that, but that particular wording can't go right in this case. (I also can't think of a reputable game server that you have to pay for.)
  8. Bikes are particularly useful for, and are indeed used in multiplayer for, Harvester harassment, same as GDI Pitbulls.
  9. Well, in RA1 they can damage V2s, and in RA2 they can actually deal some damage Tiberian Dawn - APC (except when full of Engis). A weak machine gun with not-so-good armour? We've got Humvees for that. Red Alert 1 - Thief. There's a reason they were merged with the Spy in the sequel. Tiberian Sun - Attack Bike. Why would they not attack aircraft except when elite? To give Rocket Infantry the only reason to be trained in non-Firestorm games? Firestorm - Limpet Drone. Obviously. Red Alert 2 - Terrorist. Too fragile and needs to be adjacent to his target to detonate. Crazy Ivan isn't far off, but at least he does more damage and is amusing. Yuri's Revenge - Brute. Unless you can really be sure you're about to engage tanks and nothing more, these are worthless. Renegade - didn't play MP yet (for shame!) Generals / Zero Hour / Tiberium Alliances - no idea, don't care much for them. Tiberium Wars - Mothership. While it packs quite a punch, it's too slow and tough to get where it needs to be, plus you have to consider friendly fire. Kane's Wrath - Ravager. As much as I love their idea, they're too expensive for an anti-infantry infantry unit with an ability that requires them to approach a likely guarded Tiberium field. Red Alert 3 - Striker-VX/Chopper-VX. A 50% more expensive inverted Tengu, no thanks. Uprising - didn't play much, but I'd go for the Mortar Cycle, everything about it seems redundant, and the Soviets got the weakest additions when the others got weapons of Kill Map Now. Tiberian Twilight - the entire game
  10. The general design is pretty good, well done to everyone involved! It's also nice to once again see a Renegade server list. The only thing I'd change are the somewhat misleading (especially in the case of RA2/YR/Ren) "Download & Play Online, Free" buttons. Why not change that text to simply "Download Client" or something?
  11. Sounds like simplifying a system that should already be working well.
  13. Neither was my project, which makes me sad still. Welp, guess I could dive into your new font editor...
  14. Is that the one you made when I was doing my now-lost Croatian localization? :O
  15. Until a better solution is found for the original retail discs, try this: