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  1. RA 2 and generals?

    Probably because Generals etc. aren't freeware, genius. And what have you done to solve that? Make use of these guides: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/
  2. RA 2 and generals?

    https://cnc-online.net Why don't you use that?
  3. Red Alert CnCnet doesn't work?

    Well... why don't you attach the log file?
  4. Promotion banners/signatures

    A 10-year necropost, unrelated, and false. Noice.
  5. Windows 10 Fall Creators update issues

    So quick to respond, too!
  6. BORIS crash

    Note that The First Decade, The Ultimate Collection, and XWIS releases already are.
  7. RA2 installation

    Please follow these guides to install Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.
  8. What is this mod and how can I get it? So slick

    It's OpenRA. Considering how every obnoxious fanboy links it everywhere they see fit, it's surprising there are people who still don't know about it.
  9. Cursor Icon Not Syncing Up with Location

    Tried changing the renderer?
  10. Soviet campaign - level 13, capture chronosphere

    Uhhhh... what?
  11. Soviet campaign - level 13, capture chronosphere

    What makes this even more awkward is that the mission itself is misleading to the commander in-universe, as stated in the very next cutscene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4bSNYqDh0Q
  12. Ra2 installation software

    Please follow these guides for installing these titles on modern systems: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  13. Red Alert 2: Bloodpatch + Language change

    The only official ones are English, German, French, Chinese, and Korean. The rest is fanmade.
  14. Mouse problem - units deselect themselves

    By running TSConfig.exe after patching your installation of Tiberian Sun with this. It will also allow you to change your renderer to something more functional. Rampastring's TS client is good and all, but it modifies the game itself in such a way that it isn't compatible with the standard TS.
  15. Can't Save Game (Mental Omega) in Windows 10

    Mental Omega uses the Ares DLL which expands YR's codebase, but breaks savegame compatibility. This was known from the start, but the next version is announced to have savegame functionality working.