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Community Answers

  1. Ditto. At least on the validity of the material.
  2. Without sending files over for verification, and indeed straight-up refusing to do so means the real value of the item is $0. After the item is verified and public, the original can only have collector's value and only a handful of people would have it for a sorta-reasonable price. This isn't comparable to eBay.
  3. He should ask $0. Same as all of these and more. https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=14 Why would you?
  4. Because nobody has any reason to trust a random person coming in with dubious material and asking money for it. It's a scam attempt. And again, nobody who has beta access to anything wants money for that sort of thing, they just want their findings to be out and about.
  5. And supposing you have a legitimate pre-release build of the game, which you apparently don't, what purpose does it have sitting on your hard drive only? If you had nothing to hide, you would've already released it as soon as you got it, because this is how things work with discovered betas - for any game. You asking for money is shady as fuck.
  6. Yuri has always been unwanted in multiplayer, even in XWIS days.
  7. There isn't anything for RA2 on Linux. TS got this complete distribution because it's freeware. RA2 isn't, so you'll have to either do a complete Wine/PlayOnLinux installation yourself or run a virtual machine of Windows within Linux.
  8. Apparently you didn't run TSPatch and didn't tell it to use the No-CD function.
  9. Basically, what the fans are doing is glorified piracy from a legal standpoint, it's just that nobody can sue, because that would mean that the one who sues owns the rights to the games, and right now nobody fits the description.
  10. They didn't. They just patched it and changed a few things around. They would've if they had the rights. When it comes to Dune games, nobody has the rights, since they used a third-party licensed, and that third party was the Herbert estate that effectively banned the use of the license in all commerical video- and board games in the early 2000s. Nobody can pick the license up: the Herbert estate didn't make the games, EA isn't allowed to sell, support, or claim anything Dune-related. Hence, there is zero consequence for fans to distribute them freely.
  11. On TS-DDraw in Tiberian Sun. All is good except the ingame menus that are really flashy when navigating between them. Also the new TSConfigFull.exe is straight-up missing a lot of features, including the renderer choice.
  12. Wild ideas with no grounds, yet your only defense is "stop insulting". It wasn't even an ad hominem. How about you first: a) educate yourself on how those launchers actually work and how the latest versions were barely made b) stop talking about things you don't even begin to understand in general c) drop the circlejerk that EA is deliberately trying to break a game that nobody knows if they even have the source code for.
  13. I've seen and heard a lot of stupid stuff today, and this is at the top.
  14. It's quite irrelevant as platform differences don't manifest in tiny details like that. It manifests in the entire game/mod not working etc.
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