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  1. Are you able to run RA2 at all? If not, check out the "Handling Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge on Windows 8/8.1/10" section in this guide.
  2. Um, you do know that the music files are a separate download on XWIS' downloads page, right?
  3. Nice stuff! Noticed a bit of an error on the site, though. The Renegade list says that TT scripts 4.0 are required for multiplayer, although the official TT website has 4.3. Also, a link to it would help people get patched up.
  4. Watermarks have been removed two years ago, IIRC. Registry file additions don't contain game data, but tell that to the EA-"authorized" twats who DMCA'd my RA2/YR registry fixes for Windows 10 a while back.
  5. inb4 a third-party legal team takes 'em down in a wild DMCA claim... Awesome that you got it, I think it's worth every penny (well... Euro cent). Scan covers for MobyGames pls
  6. The site has been taken over by an ex-staff member and friend, Zee Hypnotist (if you remember our C&C Legos series, he's the author!).
  7. If it weren't safe, I wouldn't have linked it to you. 94,3 MB, if you don't install the cutscene pack which the installer will give you the option to get.
  8. It is with great regret that I inform you that, the second-longest running C&C site out there, is shutting down in the coming days.
  9. They still beat drafted Awakened scouts.
  11. This is the updated, corrected and 10 minutes longer version of GVMERS' retrospective on the C&C franchise, check it out!
  12. Dune 2000 was never officially released as freeware. However, it seems to be in copyright hell like the other Dune games, and Gruntmods uses this situation by releasing their own version of it (compatible with CnCNet):
  13. Uninstall your overly paranoid antivirus and get a proper one. The YR client is safe and has no malicious code.
  14. Yes, but it's a standalone conversion. You can play it without tampering with Tiberian Sun. Tiberian Sun itself, however, has some residual TD/RA1 units that were remade in voxel form, most likely as placeholders and lab rats for the engine. They are (not including their barrel/turret files):