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  1. Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification. For some reason none of the rendering settings in TSinstaller3-beta11r6 worked for me reliably. For example, ddwrapper with directdraw emulation worked with TSpatch, but not with TSinstaller3. Anyway, snagged a version from the first decade and applied this patch and Firestorm works now, cheers!
  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for making this! Enjoyed revisiting these classic games. The Tiberian Sun campaign worked without issue, but unfortunately I am having an issue with Firestorm. My details: Game: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe Patch: https://downloads.cncnet.org/TSpatch.exe Windows 10 64 bit Geforce 770 So, the Firestorm screen comes up no problem, but when I try to start a new campaign, there is an error: "Unable to read scenario!" However, if I try a fresh install without TSpatch, I can start a new campaign in Firestorm just fine, but there are tons of menu issues and game crashes. Also, I started the campaign without the TSpatch, saved a game, then applied the patch, and everything worked great until the mission ended, at which point I got the unable to read scenario error again. Any ideas?
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