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  1. I'm helping a friend that still runs windows 7 (2 gb ram/ 32bit) on his computer. When I install the latest CNCNet Installer for Yuri's Revenge, I get "System out of Resources" error. While it can be installed forcibly by ignoring the error, after the installation, it wont start the game without prompt/error message. I tried both the .net, dx and xna version, no luck. I also tried installing the older version of CNCNet that doesn't prompt the "System out of resources", the xna client worked, but after finishing the latest update, same result, no prompt/error or whatsoever (nothing happens). I know that there is a big chance of running the game if I upgrade my friend's OS to windows 10, but its not my computer to decide and I'm just helping him remotely via TeamViewer. and of course a 2gb ram pc wouldn't be a good idea for windows 10. But i'm sure his pc specs can run the game natively. it is just that the cncnet client won't cooperate and probably demanding higher specs of computer.
  2. vasha

    Problem with update 5.0

    my friend also gets that error. i thinks it is all about windows 7. [Edit] I use windows 10 ddnt get that error.
  3. My server is now working. How can i close this thread? If it's not possible, I just want to know the answer of:
  4. Its been already running for 30 minutes. All i can see is "Sending a heartbeat to master server." Does this means admins manually accept incoming new tunnels? Thank you. - Vasha
  5. After i updated my windows 10 to the latest build the game launcher for Yuri's Revenge crashes when it start's to show the splash screen and part of the background sound plays. I have already reinstalled the Yuri's Revenge CnCNet Launcher but the problem still persists.
  6. A newly installed OS and Yuri's Revenge and CNCNet. The game is fine when I run it directly but when cncnet tries to launch the game it causes the error.
  7. vasha


    Thanks it worked! how do i mark this as solved?
  8. vasha


    tried x2 already the 1st one was just the game directory was copied from my other computer. so... Tried installing a fresh Installer of CNC R2/YR + cncnetlauncher for YR from this site. It works then after updating to the latest version it now kabooms! LoL
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